House Republican Leader McCarthy’s Letter to Freshmen Dems Seeks to Leverage Growing Divide With the Party’s Leftist Elites

Elder Patriot – The Republican leader of the House of Representatives has, at once, sent an olive branch to the 46 Democratic freshmen who have stated their intention to work across the aisle, and fired a shot directly across the bow of incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Many of the incoming Democrat freshmen won election in relatively conservative districts meaning that if they hope to grow accustomed to the posh surroundings of Washington they’ll have to produce for their constituents.

Signing on to interminable investigations and stonewalling common sense legislation just to diminish President Trump isn’t likely to accomplish longevity for these newbies.  Keep in mind that many of the Republicans the newbie Dems replaced were rejected by voters for their own opposition to Trump.

They can accomplish or they can perish.