Hitler Would Be Proud: Michael Savage Beaten While Enjoying Dinner – Violence Now the Norm For Leftist Scum

ELDER PATRIOT – For two hundred and forty years Americans held vigorous and often heated political debates prior our elections but we always came together afterwards to honor the results, heal our divides, and move the nation forward behind the new president.  The Left no longer abides that rule.

Having destroyed the family structure, bankrupted our economy, and turned our youth into cowardly snowflakes, the Left has turned their sights on eliminating dissenting political discourse.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google have all been scrubbing their sites of conservative posts, information and news reports, while suppressing web traffic among conservatives.  Those of us who deliver conservative reporting to you live in hope that President Trump will designate all four entities as utilities so that our access to research and your access to the truth can continue.

But there’s another aspect of the Left’s assault on our First Amendment protections. 

Any challenge to Leftist dogma is off-limits and is now being met with physical force by Obama’s followers to shut down the right of conservatives to express their political viewpoints.  So far there has been little or no consequences for the violent offenders. 

The seeds for this were planted a long time ago but Barack Obama openly promoted the use of violence against his political enemies including giving instructions to his adherents, “If they bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun,” that has now been scrubbed from YouTube.

Waging violence against your political enemies is a tool of fascists and dictators, and Obama has been no exception to this historical fact.  Remember his deployment of Black Panthers to selected polling centers to suppress the White vote while making it impossible for poll watchers to protect the voting process?

This allowed 59 Philadelphia-area voting precincts to tally 100% of its votes for Obama.

President Obama also courted violent “social justice warriors” by hosting groups like Black Lives Matter at the White House, offering them counsel, and arranging massive amounts of funding for them.

Obama realized the destructive potential of the BLM movement could have on America’s youth and he directed his Justice Department under Eric Holder to “steal” $3 billion dollars from America’s larger banks and send it to the racially and violently disposed group.

All of this is intended to silence older Americans who really aren’t in a position to engage in physical confrontations and so they have given up trying to educate our nation’s idiot youth.

This has left Obama’s army of violent cretins with only those they can clearly identify as Trump supporters to physically assault.

So far this week Roger Stone and Michael Savage have been the targets of Obama’s violent minions.  Savage is 5’6” tall and is 74 years of age.  His assailant is 6’5.”  This is the face of the New American Left and everyone who denies it because they are determined to protect the government’s theft of others to redirect that money to them is not a free man nor do they deserve to be.

Sidebar to the “brave” freedom fighter who attacked Savage, I’m 5’11” and 64 y/o.  I’d appreciate meeting you so that I can cut you down to size.