Historic Moment: Trump Brings Korean Peninsula to the Brink of Peace

Elder Patriot – | For those who stayed up to view the symbolic moment, in the early morning hours of this morning, when Donald Trump became the first U.S. president to cross the DMZ into North Korea, they got to witness history being made.  


Those who shunned sleep to see this historic moment also witnessed the reason why establishment politicians aligned against Donald Trump and turned the powers of the intelligence community against him in the attempt to end/neuter his presidency.

Donald Trump brought three important qualities to the presidency that establishment politicians, who have navigated Washington’s politics and emerged as their party’s acceptable nominees, will never have: 

  • A fresh perspective on age-old problems.
  • Negotiating skills honed in the real world where no amount of spin can cover a bad deal.
  • Independence.  President Trump is not beholden to any special interests for advancing his career.  This frees him to negotiate without any pre-conditions except for what is best for the citizens of the United States.

 Trump is proving the best preparation for leading a nation doesn’t come from a lifetime of “public service.”  Our Founders believed the best preparation for leadership comes from a lifetime of success in the real world.   

They believed in citizen politicians and Donald Trump is constantly proving their vision to be the correct one.

Whether Chairman Kim Jong-un ultimately agrees to complete, verifiable, denuclearization, and peace can be assured in that region of Asia, depends on many hurdles yet to be cleared.  But, the major hurdle is now behind those involved in the negotiations.

President Trump, and President Trump alone, can claim credit for clearing that hurdle when he got China to agree to free the DPRK from its control in exchange for considerations/concessions from Trump on a pending trade deal.

 That was only possible by President Trump’s use of tariffs to bring China’s economy to its knees.

 After Trump and Kim exchanged pleasantries and engaged in the symbolic walk across the DMZ into North Korea, the two leaders crossed back into South Korea where they briefly spoke with the media before entering the Freedom House for a bilateral discussion that lasted around an hour.

The significance of the moment was reflected in the faces of South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Chairman Kim, and President Trump.

Smiles from Kim and Moon, and the ever wary eye of the negotiator-in-chief who knows no deal is done until it’s done.  

Unlike the politicians we are used to, who are constantly out over their skis and smiling for cameras following even a minor concession, Trump is determined to bring deals to conclusion – to the conclusion he wants.

No matter how the propaganda media in the United States decides to play (downplay?) this, the significance of this moment was not lost on the Asian media:


“… okay, now we are getting the picture of it.  We’re seeing Trump and Kim Jong-un coming down from there.  We see it, the historic, the colossal, phenomenal encounter between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Trump…”