Hillary’s Black Support Crumbling – Watch This Major Black Chicago Community Leader and Democratic Presidential Candidate Praise and Endorse Donald Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump has defied the left-right political paradigm since he announced his candidacy more than a year ago. His clear thinking and analytic skills led him to realize that both the left and the right on the political spectrum were doing nothing more than paying lip service to the issues they were using to divide us while working together to sell America’s economic interests to foreign investors, mega corporations and the world banks.

This progression began over a century ago with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. The result is that America is now so deeply indebted to the world’s major financial concerns that they now determine whom we get to vote for. That is the reason that despite all of the campaign rhetoric we’ve listened to from both sides only one thing has remained constant – the growth of their power and it’s tightening grip on a single world government.

These powerful interests have wrested control of virtually all of the world’s major media outlets so that they may control the political narrative and they have used this control to smear Donald Trump as a racist and a homophobe. Now, a major Black community leader and former presidential candidate from Chicago tells us that he has known Donald Trump for over thirty years and that he is in no way a racist!

In fact, Trump was helping Jesse Jackson open the door of opportunity to Blacks from the time Jackson first sought his help and probably before that, as well.

Did you here that? Jackson praised Trump for providing expensive space in one of his Wall Street buildings so that Jackson’s Rainbow-Push coalition would have a presence in the world’s financial capital.

Why weren’t these politicians calling him a racist and a homophobe back when he was just another influence-buying businessman and they were only too happy to take his money? The answer is simple, they didn’t call him that because he wasn’t one and he wasn’t threatening their control of the system.

Now that he’s running for president they will do anything to prevent him from dismantling the financial cabal they have constructed that serves only a small minority of elites at the expense of the American people.

Thankfully, Jesse Jackson has stepped forward to let us know that Trump cares about all people regardless of their ethnicity or their sexuality and to endorse Donald Trump for president. Importantly, his endorsement came before the corrupting bright lights of an electoral campaign.