Hillary’s Bagman Spills The Beans on Her Sexual Perversions and How She Paid Him to Silence Her and Bill’s Victims.

ELDER PATRIOT – Years ago Cathy O’Brien described the time when Hillary Clinton sexually assaulted her.  Obrien, appeared to be a highly credible in a taped interview where she described how she had been a victim of a government program that employed various levels of mind control over its victims.  She had been programmed into what was politely termed a “Presidential Model.”  It was a nice way of saying she was a sex slave.

It was during this altered state that Hillary took advantage of O’Brien when O’Brien was presented to her for her “use.”  O’Brien’s rape is chronicled here both, on a page reprinted from her book describing Mrs. Clinton perverse use of her, and in a video that discusses the CIA mind control program in great depth.

At the time O’Brien was raped by Mrs. Clinton, her husband was governor of Arkansas.

Now the man that she paid to keep her and Bill’s psychotic sexual predilections hidden after she had become First Lady has decided to come clean in a detailed nine-page expose in the current issue of the National Enquirer. 

Apparently armed with proof of his employment by the Clintons over the past twenty-four years, the “fixer” revealed at least 12 instances where Madame Hillary required his services to hide her indiscretions or silence those threatening to go public.

The bagman has insisted on remaining anonymous for now but claims to have “smoking gun proof” including documents, notes and journals compiled over the past 24 years that exposes Hillary Clinton as a sex freak.

As tawdry as the National Enquirer’s reputation is the paper has proven to be correct more often than not when revealing the underbelly of Democratic presidential candidates’ illicit sexual affairs.

This is unlike the New York Times that ran a story about an alleged affair that John McCain had with a lobbyist only to have to recant a couple of weeks later.  They then had the gall to run the same fabrication over again nine years later after McCain had become the 2008 Republican presidential nominee.  Of course they were forced to recant it a second time but not before they had accomplished their goal of smearing a good man.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the National Enquirer has become more credible than the New York Times in revealing the true nature of our presidential candidates.