Hillary Resorts to Final Globalist Tactic in Effort to Save Her Sinking Campaign

Hillary Clinton leveled charges yesterday that Donald Trump had ties to the Ku Klux Klan in, what can only be, a desperate attempt to prop up her diminishing support among Black voters.  If you’re asking why Hillary would resort to such a preposterous, unsubstantiated, and slanderous claim then consider what recent polls have told us.

Recent polling shows Donald Trump’s support among Black voters having climbed to 14% as Blacks are beginning to realize that a half century of trust in the Democratic Party has left them in a collectively worse place than they were before the Democrats started “helping” them.  Considering Trump’s growing support among other minority groups Hillary needs at least 88% of Black voters to turn out for her or she cannot win.

With support at 86% and shrinking Mrs. Clinton is desperate to stop the awakening that is finally taking place within black communities.  Trump has reached out to Blacks promising them equal access to the American dream and not simply a continuation of meager handouts, failing schools and crime-ridden communities.

Mrs. Clinton embrace of Black Lives Matter at the Democratic National Convention has proven to be a mistake simply because many Blacks have come to view the movement as dangerous to whatever little peace their communities currently have.

Here’s what many Blacks do know for certain:

The percentage of Black children born out of wedlock is estimated to be 75%.  Some studies have concluded that number is even higher.  The nuclear family in the black community has become a rarity.  Unemployment among Black youth is at 58%.

During an interview with Megyn Kelly black progressive Tavis Smiley was surprisingly candid:

MEGYN KELLY: But on the subject of race, do you think — are we, are we better off today that seven years ago?

TAVIS SMILEY: “I’m not sure that we are, and I think ultimately the president missed a moment…on every leading economic issue, on the major economic issues, Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories. So for the last ten years it’s not been good for black folk. And so, this is the president’s most loyal constituency that didn’t gain, gain any ground really in that period.

“Historians are going to have a field day juxtaposing how in the era of the first black president, the bottom fell out for black America. Black people are still in many ways politically marginalized, socially manipulated, and economically exploited. That’s a lot to try to square how all that happened in the era of the first black president.”

It’s against this backdrop that Donald Trump made an appeal to Black voters asking them “what in the world do you have to lose?”  It’s a hard argument to refute.

So, as Hillary’s internal polling shows that Trump’s message is resonating among enough Black voters to threaten her electoral bid, she has resorted to spurious charges of racism.

There’s one major problem with Mrs. Clinton’s allegation, she has absolutely no proof that Donald Trump has any connections to the KKK or has acted in a racist manner in his past.

Yet, she has tried to tie Trump to White Supremacists who claim to support him.  Would it be fair if Trump linked Mrs. Clinton to Black Supremacists because members of the Black Panther Party support her?

Posting side-by-side pictures may suggest an association to gullible viewers but it proves nothing.  Mrs. Clinton’s allegiance to deceased ex-KKK Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd, on the other hand, is undeniable as the smile on her face clearly proves in this photograph of the two of them together.

And, here’s her video tribute to the dead Klansman:

When Mrs. Clinton or the propaganda arm of her campaign, the mainstream media, turn up something similar linking Donald Trump to the KKK we might then suspect that there are two bigots running for the presidency.

For the time being only Mrs. Clinton, by her deeds and actions has embraced both the policies that have so severely damaged the Black community and the hateful leaders in Congress who led the legislative fight to do so.