Hillary Left Kris Paronto to Die in Benghazi. He’s Back and He is Her Worst Nightmare

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton began the effort to destroy America’s healthcare system during her husband’s first term.  So it should come as no surprise now that she has joined in fueling the hysteria aimed at discouraging any attempt to fix the crumbling and bankrupt system that is also doing widespread damage to our nation’s economy on THE whole.

Clinton sent this tweet intended to scare some of the Americans who voted to repeal Obamacare, because they’re aware that the quality and availability of our healthcare system is on the road to collapse, to change their minds:


Kris “Tonto” Paronto was having none of it:


Here’s the simple truth about Obamacare.

Despite the Obamacare administration’s literal theft of hundreds of billions of dollars from other sectors of the government to hide the extent of the ill conceived financial burdens that Obamacare placed on the healthcare industry    the program continues imploding, plunging the economy more deeply in debt.

And, here’s the proof – the quality of our healthcare declined so much in the bill’s first five years that for the first time in decades  life expectancy for Americans declined.

It shouldn’t take a degree in finance to understand if the costs aren’t addressed in a responsible way – not with incendiary rhetoric – the problems will only grow worse and more people will die earlier than they should.

Consider this if you will, life expectancy was higher before Obamacare was implemented and insurance cost lest than half what it does today and the coverage was far more comprehensive.

That won’t stop Clinton and her party’s acolytes from wallowing in the sewer as they continue their effort to bankrupt our country.

The bottom line is costs have more than doubled and the life expectancy of Americans is declining.  Why are Democrats like Hillary Clinton defending this debacle?