Hillary: More Despicable Than Ever: Joins Calls For Violence Against Republicans

Elder Patriot – Thank God Donald Trump cut this bitch down to size in 2016.  It’s hard to see how Ronald Reagan’s vision of America as a Shining City on a Hill could’ve survived even a single term under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Clinton sat for an interview with Christiane Amanpour yesterday.  It’s hard to believe what came out of her mouth. Especially in the aftermath of the violence coming from anarchist leftists some of which political allies of her have funded when she was a candidate:

While we reported her campaign’s coordination with anarchist groups including Democracy Partners and Americans United for Change in mid-October of 2016 – three weeks before the election – the mainstream media has remained mum about Hillary Clinton’s involvement with them.

In fact, the mainstream media went full disinformation, discrediting video journalist James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas, instead.

Imagine for just a minute the field day the mainstream Marxist media would’ve had running those videos in an endless loop had they been tied to the Trump campaign.

While it’s hard to dismiss HRC’s campaign collusion with these essentially domestic terror organizations it did occur pre-election when virtually anything goes.  However, even if we were to overlook the pre-election illegalities, never in the history of presidential politics did such attacks continue post election.

Until now.  That has been exactly the path followed by both Bitch Clinton and Commie Obama.  Ever wonder why?

Think the need to use the media to hide their illegal, treasonous sale of government assets and foreign and legislative policies, has anything to do with that?  Trillions of dollars in downstream payoffs, bribes, corporate welfare, foreign aid, military waste, etc, are at stake.

The corruption that we have evidence of at the CIA, FBI and DOJ wasn’t originated inside those agencies.

That corruption – designed to pardon Hillary and put a dark cloud over candidate and then President Donald Trump – was an outgrowth of the need to keep the Clintons and the Obama administration crimes hidden from the American people.

Clinton would rather see America burnt to the ground than have to answer for her crimes.  And so would the hundreds (thousands?) of those who were part of her and Obama’s criminal syndicate.

She said as much yesterday to Amanpour:

Add this on top of the video evidence we already have in the form of admissions by HRC friendlies from before the election and it becomes important to understand what  role she has played in the civil unrest we’ve witnessed since.

Absent a complete unbiased investigation – good luck getting that in this deliberately overheated (by Democrats and their mainstream media sycophants) political environment – we’re not likely to ever know the full extent of Hillary’s anarchist intent and practices.

What we do know already is enough to convict her for crimes against the United States.

There’s every indication that the riots in Charlottesville in mid-2017 were orchestrated by Team Clinton to defame President Trump and his followers.  Certainly, there’s more evidence to support the likelihood of Clinton’s involvement in Charlottesville and other riots than anything coming close to the evidence used to support the phony Russia-Trump witch-hunt.

In Charlottesville, the agitators on all sides had ties to Clinton and Obama.  Instead, the media painted Antifa as some kind of goodwill agency and bestowed upon them the moral imperative to fight Trump fascists.

Predictably, the media hid all of the evidence to the contrary.  Including the fact that Antifa had been designated anarchist extremists by the FBI more than a sixteen months before Charlottesville, while Obama was president.  

Why was that kept hidden when the spit hit the fan in Charlottesville?  Why was Obama mute?

To paraphrase Hillary, “at this point, what difference does it make.”

Here’s why, Hillary:

Both HRC and Barack Obama are neck deep in trying to destroy President Trump and the Republican Party (Brett Kavanaugh) ostensibly because Democratic Party policies had been rejected by the American voters.

The fact is no clear-thinking American can believe Trump’s policies should now be rejected and that a return to the country we had in 2016 would be preferable.  That is all that is really necessary in evaluating President Trump as a leader.

It should not pass without note that not one Democrat has voted for even a single legislative initiative that Trump and the Republicans in Congress have passed that have led to improving the lives of Americans.  Not one s.i.n.g.l.e. vote.

Democrats have, instead, resisted these initiatives, and every other MAGA policy (foreign, economic, trade, immigration) that they had no voting control over.  

And, the Dems’ anarchist arms – Antifa, Black Lives Matter, et al – have staged civil unrest intended to convince the gullible that somehow Trump’s policies are monstrous and hurting them.

Other than those hurt by the violent left wing thugs, that Hillary Clinton dog whistled to yesterday, it’s hard to see which other American citizens have been hurt by President Trump’s policies.

It’s time to stop this violence – BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY – before more innocent people are severely injured or killed.

It’s time to expose Clinton and her criminal cabal to sunlight, expose her treason – including Obama – and to lock them all up.

For Democrats, this stopped being about politics a long time ago.  It’s civil war! It’s time that Republican leadership recognize that and respond appropriately to shut it down or this will get really ugly.