Hillary Clinton’s Sole Appeal to Women: Vote For Me I’m a Woman

ELDER PATRIOT – After a career in politics that has seen Hillary Clinton serve as the first lady of Arkansas and then of the United States, the U.S. senator from New York and finally as Secretary of State, the likely Democratic presidential candidate is hard-pressed to point to even a single accomplishment that benefitted the American people that she can claim as her own.

That has left Mrs. Clinton with only the “Women’s Card” to play against Donald Trump.

To that end, Mrs. Clinton has perfected looking and sounding angry while campaigning for women’s issues.  There appear to be two flanks to Mrs. Clinton’s attempt to secure the female vote; “Keep your politics out of my vagina,” and equal pay for women with the same job titles as men.

Mrs. Clinton’s attacks on Donald Trump on these issues have fallen flat and this has her campaign in panic.  Trump has no need to engage her on these issues because his record speaks for itself.

Trump has announced a broad agenda and he has purposely refused to make the strident Republican opposition to abortion an issue that he is willing to expend excessive political capital chasing.  There are too many other important issues threatening the country to risk losing an election over an issue that was settled by the Supreme Court a half-century ago and that previous conservative Republican administrations chose to do nothing about.

Essentially Mr. Trump has crafted a platform on issues of importance to all Americans including national security and the economy.   Mrs. Clinton has married herself to President Obama on these issues based on his positive approval rating.  Hillary has misread the large majority of voters who, while liking Obama as a person, believe he has failed us on the economy, immigration and the prosecution of his (and her) Middle East policy.

Trump was asked about the issue of pay inequality during an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”  Co-host Mika Brezinski pressed Trump on how he would “fix” gender related pay inequality in the workplace as though he could magically craft and then pass a one-size-fits-all law that also takes into account other factors such as competence, dedication, performance and attendance that are important to the compensation level of individual employees on a case by case basis.

Trump correctly placed the burden on the employee-employer relationship: “Well, you know, the marketplace is going to take care of it…”

Mika acknowledged that Trump has built his vast empire compensating the women and men who work for him according to job performance and contributions to the Trump Organization without regard to their gender. 

The same is not true of Hillary Clinton whose record for compensating women in her employ cannot withstand such scrutiny.

Hillary believed that early polling of the “gender gap” would be her campaign’s salvation.  In October, Mrs. Clinton enjoyed a 16-point advantage with women while Trump led by 8 points with men.  That gave her an 8-point gender gap and she decided to hinge her campaign on this.

In a poll taken in Florida two days ago Clinton’s advantage with women has dropped to 13 points while Trump’s lead with men has expanded to 13 points.  The gender gap is now gone and with six months left until the November elections Hillary and her staff can read the trend away from her gender-identity message as well as anyone.

Women are coming to the same conclusion as Susan Sarandon who refused to be bullied into supporting Mrs. Clinton, “I don’t vote with my vagina… It’s so insulting to women to think that [we] would follow a candidate just because she’s a woman.”

Gender politics cuts both ways.  Many women sympathetic to the feminist movement care deeply about the world their daughters will be born into but they also care just as deeply about the world that their son’s will have to navigate. 

With Hillary doubling down on Obama’s irresponsible immigration policies, his failing economic policies, his refusal to address terrorism in any meaningful manner, and his Middle East agenda that has left the region with wars in five countries, these women fear for their children’s futures.

They’re responding to Hillary with this message, “Keep your vagina out of my politics.”