Why Hillary Clinton Lost The Debate

ELDER PATRIOT – The overnight polls are in and the audience overwhelmingly believed that Donald Trump got the better of Hillary Clinton during last night’s debate.


Among the highly partisan polls conducted by Drudge and CNN the results were mixed but again in Trump’s favor.  Drudge’s poll had 452,000 respondents that supported Trump by +64 (82% to 18%) while CNN ran a private poll that only had 521 carefully screened respondents that broke for Mrs. Clinton +35 (62% to 27%.)

But Mrs. Clinton was so much more polished and had such a command of the facts, how could that be you ask?  She had Trump on the defensive all night, you thought.

These are exactly the reasons why she lost.  Mrs. Clinton looked terrific and healthy.  She couldn’t have delivered her lines any better during her debate preparation.  But she lost.  Make no mistake she lost, Donald Trump didn’t beat her. 

Trump missed or passed on several opportunities to deliver knockout blows when she opened the door wide on issues like cyber security, Isis, his personal taxes, the economy, and each candidate’s treatment of women.  He didn’t and that’s why there is no doubt but that she beat herself.

The reason is simple.  Mrs. Clinton was talking to the Ivory Tower Globalists whose policies have brought the American economy to the brink of collapse.  She was talking to the highly manicured Wall Street crowd who have grown richer while average Americans have grown poorer or lost their jobs altogether.  She was talking directly to tech superstars, like Mark Cuban who was her personal guest at the debate, who have become billionaires but still push importing foreign workers to save money.

And, she was talking to the shrinking slice of Americans who still cling to the belief that government represents their interests and not those of those rich donors who buy influence.

Let’s not forget the debate’s moderator Lester Holt who came off more as Mrs. Clinton’s apologist.  He asked Trump six follow-up questions but didn’t ask Mrs. Clinton one.  He interrupted Trump 41 times but Mrs. Clinton only 7 times even though she consistently ran over her allotted time in an effort to dazzle us with her bullshit or denigrate Trump even longer.

Holt focused on Trump’s taxes, suggested Trump was a liar when Trump insisted he never supported the Iraq war, focused on a lawsuit that had more to do with Trump’s father’s policies from 40 years ago than with the man on the stage, and the “birther” issue that Mrs. Clinton’s hitmen had started before Trump ever came upon the scene, but never asked Mrs. Clinton about Whitewater, the Clinton Foundation, the diversion of funds from the Haitian relief effort, Benghazi, her assassination of Gaddafi, her creation of the Syrian “refugee crisis,” why global corporations and banks have so generously paid her and her husband $250 million dollars, or why so many women have accused her of waging a slander campaign against them to protect her husband after he sexually assaulted them.

Trump scored enough points to win decisively because the unwashed masses watching saw them selves on that stage struggling to make their case against two slick talking, highly polished globalist spokespersons.

So the smarter-than-thou mainstream media pundits took to the airwaves to praise Mrs. Clinton and skewer Donald Trump immediately after the debate in what they thought would put the final nails in Trump’s coffin.  It didn’t turn out that way because no one in Trump’s growing “Basket of Deplorables” trusts any of their opinions any longer.

The visuals from last night brought everything into clear focus.  It was globalism versus the American worker.  It was the globalist messenger looking her nose down at the people’s representative with the help of the moderator.  Viewers saw Donald Trump walk into the lions den and walk out alive.  That was enough for them.