Hillary Clinton and the Looming Constitutional Crisis

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton has about run out of people and institutions to corrupt.  Now with evidence surfacing that is so overwhelming that he can no longer avoid it, FBI Director James Comey has decided he cannot any longer sit by idly and has reopened the criminal investigation into her emails.  Clinton’s minions are screaming foul and blaming FBI Director James Comey for injecting politics into the presidential election only eleven days prior to the election.

Comey, after all, is said to be a registered Republican.  Of course the fact that he did everything to make this go away initially doesn’t factor into the partisan attacks now being aimed in his direction.

Sorry Hillary, that dog won’t hunt. 

Mrs. Clinton had almost a year and a half to release her emails after having them subpoenaed but instead chose to obfuscate as long as possible and destroy the 33,000 most damning ones as time permitted before she finally acquiesced and turned over the remaining 17,500 emails.

In other words, it’s her fault this investigation is still underway.  Frankly, she should be thanking Comey for delaying her indictment and criminal trial for this long.

Mrs. Clinton’s sycophants are telling us this is a groundbreaking move that law enforcement agencies have steadfastly refused to seek indictments during criminal investigations if doing so might somehow bias the coming election.   What they neglect telling you is that the investigations never involved the candidate for president of the United States and the largest RICO scheme in history before.

So what are Mrs. Clinton and her friends in the mainstream corporate media suggesting?

It appears that they want Comey to reward her obfuscation and lies during the investigation by now letting her play out the clock prior to the election.  “We can take a look at this after she’s president,” they tell us.

If that were to happen and she were to win the election, where would that leave the country?

Mrs. Clinton would become the first person under investigation for (as many as 18 different) felony violations of federal laws to be elected to the office of president. 

It’s conceivable that Barack Obama could pardon her on his way out of office but that would only add to the stench of the president elect and undermine any moral authority (hard to use that term with Mrs. Clinton without cringing) she might still possess before she was even inaugurated.

Perhaps Obama would pass on pardoning Clinton.  Clinton could then appoint her own Attorney General and FBI director to run a second sideways investigation similar to the one that Loretta Lynch and James Comey did that allowed her to skate on the charges.  But that would invalidate her legitimacy to govern as well.

The result of the last action might result in a Republican Congress (if there is one) bringing impeachment charges against Mrs. Clinton but no one should hold their breath relying on Paul Ryan leading that charge.  Trivia buffs take note, if the Congress did bring impeachment charges she could chalk up another first – the Clintons would become the first couple (pun intended) ever to both be elected and impeached. 

The federal system of government that our Founding Fathers gave us has always been reliant on a system of checks and balances – and at least a handful of honest elected and appointed officials to guarantee the laws were adhered to and that government favors were not sold to the highest bidders.

Sadly, that is no longer the case.  Not even remotely.  There is simply no way to avert the looming Constitutional crisis if voters care so little about the laws of the land that they profess to love and elect her president.  The message to our already corrupt ruling establishment would be abundantly clear; we don’t care about enough our country’s laws to hold anyone accountable for the mess we’re in so feel free to continue selling us out to the highest bidders without recrimination.