For Hillary Clinton Black Lives Matter But Only When it’s Politically Convenient

ELDER PATRIOT – Danney Williams is a Black Arkansan who claims to be Bill Clinton’s son.  He says his mother was a prostitute who had sexual relations with Clinton on 13 separate occasions while he was governor.

Williams has five children who he claims are the ex-president’s grandchildren.  He has promised them that they will get to meet their grandfather some day.

Is Williams story true?  No one can say with any certainty.  And this is exactly how Hillary Clinton wants to keep things.

We do know that Bill Clinton has had sex with many women, both, with and without their consent.  There have also been numerous reports that ex-governor Clinton often enjoyed the company of Little Rock’s African-American women.

This also does nothing to prove Danney Williams claim.  So why won’t Bill Clinton provide a DNA sample as Mr. Williams has repeatedly requested and prove to the world and to himself whether or not these beautiful children are indeed his grandchildren?

Is he ashamed of fathering a child with a black woman?  If he is sterile, as former mistresses Dolly Kyle Browning and Jennifer Flowers claim that he suggested is the case in conversation with them, then he would have nothing to fear when the results are released.

Is he worried about admitting to having interracial sex?  Or, perhaps he’s worried about what people would think of being worth $130MM and not sharing any of it with his own flesh and blood.

What about Hillary Clinton?  Doesn’t she care enough to want to know?  Or does she only care about Black children when she’s campaigning and promising their parents other people’s money to help them?

The Clintons are distancing themselves from this story as best they can.  Under their orders and in conjunction with CNN boss Jeffrey Zucker, CNN has ordered a blackout on this story.  Why?  How aggressively would the mainstream media be in reporting a similar claim against Donald Trump?

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has grown tired tired of the Clinton’s empty promises. He now equates Hillary Clinton with the devil when addressing his audiences:

Quanell X is the leader of the Houston chapter of the New Black Panther Party and he too has had enough of waiting for the Clintons to do more than throw a bone to America’s black community and, then, only when it’s politically expedient:

Anyone learning about the Clintons’ treatment of Blacks for the first time could only conclude that they are racists or the most ineffectual politicians of the past quarter century. Or both.