Hey Schiff What Do You Say to These FBI and DOJ Officials Who Vouched for the Memo’s Accuracy – Are They Russian Agents Too?

Elder Patriot – When FBI Director Christopher Wray fired Andrew McCabe for cause yesterday, the left rose as one to trash the decision.  Wray’s decision to terminate McCabe came within hours of reading the four-page memo that has dominated the news this week.

They claimed that the memo that led to McCabe’s firing was a partisan smokescreen that was based on lies and misinterpreted facts.

But only months earlier Holder had praised Wray’s integrity, independence, and professionalism when he endorsed Wray’s nomination to head the bureau:

The Dems – chief among them Adam Schiff – charged that the GOP-authored memo isn’t factually accurate.  

Well, guess what Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge is reporting about that: 

“Several FBI/DOJ sources have now viewed the controversial missive and are not questioning its accuracy.”

Hey Schiff are they Russian operatives too?  Your gig is up, punk.