Hey Losers: STFU. America Has Had Enough Of You

ELDER PATRIOT – If the history of the 2016 election is ever written truthfully it will reveal that the underlying motivation of the voters was to “throw the bums out.”

Donald Trump ran against a crowded field of 16 Republicans that had been heralded as the deepest and most qualified group of candidates the party had ever assembled.  He destroyed them.

In the general election Trump squared off with perhaps the most entrenched and well-funded politician in the history of this country.  And, despite the media’s self-admitted bias in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump, the voters presented him with a resounding Electoral College victory that included Trump winning in deeply blue states as well as the traditional Republican strongholds.

If future scholars sift through the lies and mischaracterizations honestly they will conclude that Trump’s victory was not a victory for the Republican Party.  Trump merely conducted a hostile takeover of the party that he then used as the platform from which to launch his nationalist movement.

Trump is not a traditional Republican nor is he a Democrat.  He is an American and that is why the elites of both parties fear and loathe him.  He alone shattered the Left-Right paradigm that had been carefully constructed and nurtured for the sole purpose of dividing Americans into two political camps while the elites were robbing us blind and stealing our freedoms.

Trump won.  George Soros and the Marxist protesters lost.  The radical Democratic Party lost.  And, most significantly, Donald Trump now holds primacy over the sellouts that populate the Republican Party.

The question Americans are asking themselves today is just what is left of the Democratic Party?  They had total control of all of Washington’s levers of power, including a super majority in the senate during Barack Obama’s first two years as president. 

In what can only be described as a staggering display of heavy-handed governance the Democratic Party ignored the will of the people and passed the Affordable Healthcare Act against the will of over 60% of the American people.   We see the result today. 

In response to the economic crisis that Obama inherited, Democrats abandoned any pretense that they represented the “little guy” when they unanimously passed the Dodd-Frank Wall street Reform and Consumer Protection Act through both the Senate and the House.  Together with the Alt-left Fascist Media the mantra “Too big to fail” became the rallying cry of ignorant Americans everywhere.

Hidden within the legislation’s 2300 pages were measures that protected large corporations from bankruptcy no matter how poorly those corporations had been managed and included automatic triggers to bailout future failing companies.  Even more destructive to the American economy were provisions that in effect erected significant barriers to entrepreneurial investment.

Voters were so disgusted that after only two years they handed control of the House and Senate to the Republicans.  Tellingly, the Republicans did little over the ensuing six years to stop Obama consistently voting to fund virtually every one of his initiatives that were aimed at destroying the very fiber of our national character and its founding principles.

Aside from highlighting the unlawful activities of the Obama administration, Congressional Republicans did nothing substantive to hold to account the IRS, the Department of Justice, nor the conversion of our schools into little more than indoctrination centers.  In fact, they were willful participants in turning our Treasury Department over to foreign governments and the international banking community.

The Republicans’ insincerity was born of political calculus rather than of leadership but they were able to get away with it because the Democrats had allowed their party to veer so far towards socialism and tyranny that the Republicans were left looking reasonable by comparison despite having abandoned their core principles at every turn.

All the while Washington’s elite got richer, a billionaire class emerged, corporations and banking institutions grew their profits and their control over our economy and the average family’s median income dropped precipitously, jobs –good jobs – dried up, our debt soared, and our colleges turned out mind-numb Marxists who are ignorant of both history and economics.

The protests we are witnessing playing out on the streets of our cities should stand as final proof of the failure of our government and Democrats in particular.  The Democrats’ control over our educational system yielded the single demographic that supported Hillary Clinton’s election bid, our youth.  We are quickly learning how ill prepared for leadership nay, personal responsibility, these young people are.  Ignorant, emotional and prone to violence are not the traits of successful people.

Absent any life experience and relying solely on an education lacking in history and economics they had been programmed to react solely with emotion making them grossly susceptible to the specious character assassination Mrs. Clinton launched against Donald Trump and that the Alt-Left Fascist Media repeated ad nausea.

During her husband’s administration Mrs. Clinton infamously complained that a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was out to get her:

The Alt-Left Fascist Media repeated Hillary’s claim endlessly but never asked her to provide details to substantiate her claim.  That is not because such a conspiracy doesn’t exist but instead because the left is guilty of having erected an even more pervasive and unholy network to protect and project its own interests and that would have been made obvious for everyone to see for them selves had an in-depth investigation ever taken place.

Enough Americans having clearly heard Donald Trump warning about the corruption that engulfed both parties and the Alt-Let Fascist Media voted to entrust him with “draining the swamp” and charting a new course for our country’s future. 

As president, Trump will have a unique opportunity to rid our government of the fraud and corruption that has crushed average Americans’ chances of sharing the same prosperity that the elites enjoy.  He won’t do this by redistributing wealth – that has always been anathema to America’s exceptionalism – but rather by opening the doors of opportunity to as many people as are willing to walk through them.

This is the mandate that the voters have given to Trump.  How much resistance Trump meets from Republicans will determine to what extent Mr. Trump can be successful.

House and Senate Republicans won re-election in spite of their records not because of them.  By the time Trump had opened the eyes of Americans to Republicans’ compliance with Obama’s globalist agenda the chance to replace them in the primaries had passed.  Voters faced with the prospect of sending even more greatly radicalized leftist Democrats to Washington chose to return the very Republicans they had rebuffed when they chose Trump.

Trump’s victory gives those Republicans a chance at redemption.  Early indications are they’ll continue their efforts to advance their own agenda as Paul Ryan’s post election tweet reveals:

Paul Ryan (@PRyan) _ Twitter

“A better way forward” is straight from Paul Ryan’s letter of August 30th 2016 to the Republican base that attempted to mount an opposing agenda to Donald Trump at a time when he foolishly believed that he could seize the leadership of the Republican Party by helping Donald Trump to lose.

Ryan failed to mention his party’s presidential nominee and leader Donald Trump even a single time in the course of the two-page letter instead asking for a donation to “Team Ryan” that was mentioned a minimum of seven times in what can only be considered to be a counter campaign against Donald Trump.

For Ryan to now tweet that same refrain rather than Make American Great Again or America First indicates Ryan is likely to be following his own agenda as we move forward.  There are many things that Ryan and his ilk can agree with Trump on but trade and immigration won’t be among them.  Both issues were central to Trump’s success.  To Ryan and those Republicans who will resist him on these issues, STFU.  You lost.

To the Democrats whose radical positions were so soundly defeated up and down the ballot that they hold less elective offices than at any previous time in history, STFU.  You lost.

To the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and every other member of the Alt-Left Fascist Media that have been so thoroughly discredited that they their trustworthiness has been reduced to single digits, STFU!!!

And to George Soros and the other billionaire members of the Democracy Alliance who have finally found employment suitable for the ignorant losers protesting in America’s cities, STFU.  You lost.

A special message to George Soros, Trump’s D.O.J. will be coming for you under 18 U.S. Code § 2385 that punishes advocating overthrowing the government with twenty years in federal prison.  While protesting peacefully is a protected right of all Americans, Soros’ paid seditionists are advocating violence against the president-elect, his followers, and the institutions of government. 

If they were facing a lesser man than Donald Trump they would probably be successful in maintaining the status quo.  But they’re not they’re staring down Donald Trump. 

They should all consider where this is heading and STFU.