Hell Freezes Over: Lindsey Graham Hails Trump. Did Not Collude With Anyone, NoKo Will Denuclearize, DOJ/FBI Offenders Will Be Arrested

Elder Patriot – Last night South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham sat with Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss the state of all things Trump.  It appears that the high-ranking Republican has joined the Trump fan club.

“Here’s what you need to understand about President Trump and North Korea, within a month of being president he said to me, “you know everybody before me let this get out of hand, I’m going to end the nuclear threat coming from North Korea.  The only question is how and when.”

“He prefers to do it through a diplomatic solution so it’s a win-win for North Korea, the US, and the world.  If he has to use military force he will.  He will destroy this regime if he has to, to take the nuclear threat away from North Korea.

“When?  In his first term.  Why.  Because if you allow them to get stronger and bigger in terms of nuclear capability they may use it one day.  They’ll certainly sell it.

“Donald Trump is going to bring it to an end.

“John Kerry and Obama would crawl through glass to get a deal with the Ayatollah.  Trump is not going to do that with North Korea.

“China pulled North Korea back…

“Here’s what I think; China believes that they can play Trump.  North Korea believes that they can play Trump.  Here’s what they’re gonna learn; they can’t.

“What China needs to understand; if you don’t help us through diplomacy the war will be in your backyard not ours!”

Judge Jeanine then turned the conversation to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe and the DOJ and FBI’s improprieties regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails and the procurement of FISA warrants against Trump.  And, once again Graham expressed his belief in Trump.

“Okay, Mueller you do your job, but somebody needs to look at the FBI agents who were in charge of the Clinton email investigation for having it’s thumb on the scale.  Somebody needs to look at the fact that the dossier was prepared by a foreign agent paid for by the Democratic Party.”

Judge Jeanine expressed the frustration of Trump’s backers declaring, “they [FBI-DOJ collaborators] need to be taken out in cuffs.”

Senator Graham responded:

“Some of them really do.”

“Somebody needs to look at this other than [DOJ Inspector General] Horowitz for criminality.  Here’s my problem with DOJ, you need to appoint a special counsel to look at this…”

Then Graham dropped the hammer on those holding out hope that Mueller will find evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to improperly influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

“I’m a pretty good lawyer, you’re a great lawyer; I’d hate to have to prove to somebody that Donald Trump colludes with anybody.

“I don’t think he colludes with his own government much less the Russians.

“He is a man who does what he wants to do.  He’s very flexible.  He doesn’t sit down and collude.

“I just don’t believe the president engaged at all with a foreign government.  That’s not his style.

“Let’s put Donald Trump in context.  He said he’d get out of the Iran deal, he did.  He said he’d move our embassy to Jerusalem, he did.  He said he’d take the gloves off when it came to ISIS, he did.  He said he was going to take North Korean on and try to make it a win-win.

“All I can tell you is anybody who doesn’t believe Donald Trump is serious about what he says is making a huge mistake. 

“China if you’re watching Judge Jeanine you need to understand that President Trump is going to stop the nuclear threat coming out of North Korea.  He needs your help but if he has to use military force it is coming to your backyard, not to America’s backyard.”