Hate is Hate – It’s Not An Ideology It’s Hate… Borne of Stupidity and Rhetoric

ELDER PATRIOT – As the fog lifts off of the violence that befell Charlottesville yesterday we are confronted with an ugly reality.  No, it’s not that an extremist would purposely use his car as a weapon of death and destruction, though that’s ugly enough, it’s that anyone would use the actions of an irrationally violent human to paint the majority of Americans as racist.

Here are my five takeaways from this weekend’s horrific events:

1.  James Alex Fields no more represents white conservatives than Joanne Chesimard represents all blacks or Mohamed Atta represents all Muslims.

Fields represents himself and perhaps an infinitesimally small sliver of disaffected whites that are too ignorant to do anything other than hate.  He is not a conservative.  Conservatives are led by their originalist interpretation of the Constitution.  Conservatives embraced Abraham Lincoln when he led the Republican Party.

2.  The conflation of this relatively small hate group with the conservative movement is a direct result of Hillary Clinton’s unconscionably irresponsible campaign rhetoric, the Democrats’ insistence on repeating it endlessly, and the mainstream media’s relentless repetition of her words until the smear campaign became imprinted on the public consciousness.

3.  Fields use of a car to run down people he didn’t know was a heinous act of terrorism no different from Micah Johnson’s murder of five Dallas police officers and wounding of seven others, none of whom he knew, but because of what they represented.  It was no different from the London Bridge terror attack or for the use of a truck to kill at least 80 people at a Bastille Day celebration in Nice.

There is no excuse for what Fields did but there may be an explanation for the rage he felt.

4.  The Left’s silence in condemning the Antifa thugs, that first surfaced en masse during the presidential campaign and that has continued growing in size and the use of violence since, may explain a return to tribalism by a small but nevertheless discernible segment of the white population. 

Making matters worse has been the Left’s rush to embrace Antifa’s own tribalist instincts, its aberrant dialogue, and its behavior as a sort of justification of what happens when people believe they are oppressed. 

This hasn’t been acceptable when the Left embraced it and it’s less acceptable for conservatives who are not “down for the struggle” but who believe in law and order and God.

5.  So we find ourselves confronting a growing societal divide orchestrated by politicians who rather see us fight with each other than with them.  It’s time to wake up and realize that the sooner we stop listening to politicians who never face the consequences of their actions, and start listening to each other, the more quickly we can come together as one people.