Hamas Leader Dies After Shooting Himself… Accidently!

Elder Patriot – Imad al-Alami, one of six original founders of the terrorist group Hamas, died earlier today after accidentally shooting himself in the head… three weeks ago.

Al-Alami had served as the point man in relations between Hamas and Iran as well as all of Iran’s proxies.  Al-Alami also coordinated with another terrorist group, Hezbollah.

Hamas spokesman Fawzy Barhoum denied initial reports that al-Alami was assassinated.  Instead he placed blame on an accidentally self-inflicted gunshot wound on January 9th when his gun discharged while he was “inspecting” it.

Al-Alami had been exiled from Israel in 1994 and, following 9/11 the United States classified him as a “specially designated global terrorist.”

I suspect that’s a high honor for such a low life dope.  There’s something poetic about a terrorist who accidently blows himself up.