Gun Grabbers – How Stupid is Stupid?

Elder Patriot – When you hear the Democratic candidate for sheriff of Buncombe, North Carolina joke about killing gun owners in order to take their weapons you realize why he’s not the face of the gun confiscation movement:

Daryl Fisher:

“How far do we go?  Any weapon that’s designed for use by the military, I think we should ban.”

“You’ve heard people say, ‘You’ll have to pry my guns from my cold, dead hands.’


Fisher claimed to be joking but how can a man running to gain control of the sheriff’s office be trusted when he doesn’t respect or trust the people of Buncombe County, N.C.?

It wasn’t too long ago in our country’s history when sheriffs relied on posses comprised of citizens armed with their own weapons.  That day may be upon us again the way societal relations are breaking down.

Who does Fisher represent and what would he do if the state issued a decree that the people of his county rejected, as is being considered by Orange County, California?  The only thing that keeps larger governments from forcibly imposing their will on smaller government entities is the cost – in blood – that doing so will bring.

It is why Switzerland stood alone, protected from Nazi aggression during WWII.

You’d think that people who have learned anything from history would understand that.

That’s why the adults embracing the bombastic rants of 17-year old David Hogg have exposed themselves as complete schmucks. 

How stupid must an adult be to cheer the rhetoric of a naïve child who lacks the historical perspective necessary to understand the Second Amendment’s importance to sustaining our liberties?

Sadly tens of thousands of ignorant gun grabbing “adults” were cheering Hogg’s call for gun confiscation at the same time that candidate Fisher was providing a peak into what his form of tyranny might look like.

Surely, this is a difficult and complicated subject that many of today’s sheltered youths may be emotionally incapable of engaging in.  That’s a failure of our schools – or, perhaps it reveals the successful Marxist takeover of our schools. 

In any event it’s a failure of their parents who believe “it can’t happen here” but lack the intelligence to know that is only true as long as the Second Amendment is in full force.

Regardless, if this sheriff’s candidate, and David Hogg’s crew of ignorant snowflakes, are the face of this movement then how freakin’ stupid are the adults listening to them?

We discussed this topic in a serious manner earlier this week.  Why can’t the gun grabbers do the same?

Tucker Carlson addressed the difficulty of dealing with people who joke about killing you or with wet-behind-the-ear children who rant bombastically and curse. 

Gutting the Second Amendment, and with it the intent of the Framers is a serious proposal and it deserves a serious discussion.  Tucker paid the subject the respect it warrants: