Globalists and Corporations Waging War on U.S. Sovereignty and to Suppress Wages

ELDER PATRIOT – For more than two centuries American scientists and scholars were the envy of the world.  Then progressives gained control of our education system.  Now proponents of the H-1B visa program are justifying their demand for skilled foreign labor by telling us that similarly trained “U.S. students can’t hack it in tech.”

Pro-American attorneys with the Immigration Reform Law Institute, John Miano and Ian Smith published an op-ed at the Daily Caller that read in part:

“The [tech industry’s] policy-push comes off Microsoft’s ‘National Talent Strategy’ hatched a few years back; an initiative which the company’s own general counsel apparently admitted was nothing but a ‘manufactured crisis’ really geared to serve the industry’s H-1B immigration agenda. Indeed, if America really did have an ‘education crisis’ in the STEM-fields, why do so many of the hundreds of thousands of H-1B professionals imported here every year come from places that do far worse educationally than we do?”

What we really have here is the tech industry’s willingness to accept lower performing workers as long as they accept the lower wages that foreign workers have proven ready do.  It’s all about increasing the bottom line.

Progressive politicians are only too happy to accommodate this process because it makes American workers more dependent on government assistance, further Balkanizes our culture, drives up the stock market, and imports those ideologically predisposed to voting for them.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and understand that this country belongs to them and that there is no Constitutional mandate other than that.  There is certainly nothing in the Constitution that suggests the citizens of other countries are to be offered any protections.  And, there’s certainly nothing in the Constitution protecting the rights of corporations to import cheaper labor.

The free market for labor was to be determined among Americans competing for work not by the citizens of foreign countries.

Ben Franklin was asked by a lady at the close of the Constitutional Convention, “Well Doctor, what have we got – a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin’s response is as prescient now as it was then, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

It’s time to throw the globalists out of office lest you soon find yourself working for the same $1.50 per day as the Bangladeshi’s do.