Globalist Freakout: Despite Massive Structural Barriers President Trump Achieves Movement on Trade From China

Elder Patriot – As an outsider with great intentions and even better plans, buttressed by superior negotiating skills, Donald Trump could never have imagined the structural barriers he would face from foreign money and multinational corporations that bought the loyalty of entrenched politicians in both Congress and the White House, with the help of mainstream media propaganda to sway public opinion.

No multinational company and no country has benefited more from this unbalanced playing field than the Chinese who have learned to play this game brilliantly to their advantage.

All of these barriers have been called into play to undermine the most significant trade negotiation ever attempted.

That is why the Washington Post, a news organization that is easily mistaken for representing the interests of foreign countries, refused to give President Trump any kudos after last night’s statement from the White House Press Secretary:

“The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and President Xi Jinping of China, have just concluded what both have said was a “highly successful meeting” between themselves and their most senior representatives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Over dinner President Trump got these concessions from Chinese President Xi Jinping:

  • China to designate Fentanyl as a controlled substance with maximum penalties.
  • China has agreed to “immediate and substantial” purchases of U.S. agricultural, energy, industrial in an effort to close the existing trade gap.
  • Both Trump and Xi agreed to immediately begin negotiations on structural changes with respect to forced technology transfer, intellectual property protection, non-tariff barriers, cyber intrusions and cyber theft, services and agriculture.
  • President Trump and President Xi will work together to move Chairman Kim Jong Un towards a nuclear free Korean Peninsula.
  • President Xi agreed to reconsider the Qualcomm-NXP deal.

For this, President Trump didn’t surrender an inch of our current position.  He simply agreed not to raise tariffs any further than he already has unless China fails to make significant movement on the above issues.  And, they have 90 days to show their sincerity.

The mainstream media downplayed the significance of the softening in China’s stance.

Here’s how the Washington Post characterized the president’s achievements:

President Trump took his first step back in his months-long confrontation with China …

The limited bargain, reached with Chinese President Xi Jinping over dinner, will see the United States and China restart talks aimed at resolving a trade dispute that is damaging the global economy, worrying some of Trump’s Republican allies, and unnerving investors.

Chinese leaders would like nothing better than for the status quo to outlast Trump’s presidency hoping that whoever succeeds him will preserve the massive advantage to their economy that comes at great expense to our economy.

Congress and the mainstream media are doing all that they can to facilitate the Chinese strategy, opposing Trump’s MAGA initiatives with the goal of making him a one-term president.

The fact is, President Trump understands the Chinese culture in a way that previous presidents, and their negotiating teams, haven’t.  The Chinese put extreme importance on saving face.

This means that Xi must come to the bargaining table willingly.  With the massively unbalanced relationship that currently exists, resetting that relationship is a major undertaking and will take time and imagination.  Baby steps.

Some economists are suggesting that Trump is intent on “punishing” China or, wanting to prevent them from growing into a larger challenge to the U.S. than they already are.

Trump addressed that in a statement last night:

“This was an amazing and productive meeting with unlimited possibilities for both the United States and China. It is my great honor to be working with President Xi.”  (Link)

Unlimited possibilities for both the United States and China.

The real question is why are these entrenched interests intent on allowing China to “punish” the U.S.?