Is the Global Crime Syndicate Planning a Hit on Hillary Clinton?

ELDER PATRIOT – The Global Elites have all of the markings of a criminal operation.  They steal from the people and murder those who get in their way.

In the case of the Global Elites they steal the natural resources from nation states and the wealth of their hard-working citizens through high taxes and the creation of debt under the guise of “free” trade agreements, international “aid” (aka as payoffs and bribes,) and military intervention deemed “essential” to American freedom but really acting solely in the interest of multi-national corporations.

Barack Obama and, Hillary and Bill Clinton have carried the United States division of this criminal enterprise to previously unimagined power and influence but the Clinton’s boundless avarice and greed is now threatening to bring down the entire global apparatus.

Mrs. Clinton’s once unassailable lead in the polls has vanished.  This morning the world awakened to a new Rassmussen poll that shows only 39% of the electorate would vote for her.  For what amounts to an incumbent politician to be that far below 50% this late in the game does not speak well for her electoral chances.  The fact that she has been steadily losing ground for the past few weeks is even worse news for the Elites who are counting on her to stop the Donald Trump “Save America’s Sovereignty” train.

Mrs. Clinton’s health had been irrelevant to the Elites once it was determined that her VP pick Tim Kaine would be a suitable replacement should her failing health render her incapable of serving as president were she to win.

Now, however, with her campaign imploding and her reckless use of a private email server exposing many aspects of the syndicate’s illegal takeover plans, Mrs. Clinton has become a liability they cannot tolerate.  Perhaps a Rubio, Kasich or Cruz presidency would’ve been acceptable in the place of Mrs. Clinton but that is no longer in the cards. 

It’s Hillary or Trump and Trump’s “America First” position is entirely unacceptable to the Elites who are on the verge of realizing their goal of controlling virtually all of the world’s wealth.  They have no intentions of letting it slip away now.

With Hillary having become a major liability to them they have ordered their propaganda arm (aka the mainstream media) to begin floating stories suggesting that “A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election.”

The Twelfth and Twentieth Amendments govern what would happen if a candidate were to die after they’ve accepted their party’s nomination and prior to being inaugurated.  There is no provision for the suspension of elections under any scenario. 

While the article is based on fantasies of the #NeverTrumpers, the importance of opening this false narrative is to provide more talking points with which ignorant #NeverTrumpers, regardless of their party, can comfort themselves and parrot back the lie, in support of their global masters.  This would be similar to the “too big to fail” mantra the masses repeated endlessly.

“Too big to fail” led to the rewriting of centuries of bankruptcy laws and sheltered large corporations from ever being held accountable for their poor management decisions.  How did it accomplish this?  By holding the American taxpayer accountable for cleaning up their messes instead.

Americans swallowed this anti-capitalist and unconstitutional legislation without significant resistance and to the snickering backroom laughter in corporate and banking boardrooms. 

This emboldened the Elites to demand even more from the political lackeys whose campaigns they have funded and that has resulted in unfathomable debt and more unending wars for the American people.  Just as with more common criminal enterprises, the Elites have become immeasurably wealthier under this arrangement at the expense of the man on the street.

Now Hillary’s plummeting poll numbers and Trump’s ascension threatens to derail and dismantle their gravy train. Compounding their problems with Mrs. Clinton is her emails are exposing much of their illicit corporate-government-banking arrangements.  As far as the Elites are concerned, this is similar to a crime boss turning canary.  Punishments must be meted out.

While an assassination of Mrs. Clinton should guarantee a Trump victory nothing can be guaranteed.

With #NeverTrumpers Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell leading the House and Senate where the election could be decided, or with the electors of the Electoral College after the election, or with the unpredictable Supreme Court when the legal battles to enforce the Twelfth and Twentieth Amendments ensue, the Elites simply will not tolerate a Trump presidency. 

With Hillary’s electoral chances fading quickly an election under normal circumstances will give the nation President Trump. 

So now the Elites may be banking on hastening Hillary’s failing health and throwing the entire process into a media-controlled frenzy of misinformation and eliminating the Clinton liability altogether.