Giuliani Flips the Script: “Forget Trump It’s Time to Investigate Mueller”

Elder Patriot – The longer special counsel Robert Mueller continues his sham “investigation” the more obvious his objectives are.  While he’d like to nail President Trump for some imaginary felony offense his intentions are more defensive than that.

The Conservative Treehouse outlined Mueller’s mission months ago:

♦(1) Create an investigation – Just by creating the investigation it is then used as a shield by any corrupt FBI/DOJ official who would find himself/herself under downstream congressional investigation.  Former officials being deposed/questioned by IG Horowitz or Congress could then say they are unable to answer those questions due to the ongoing special counsel investigation. In this way Mueller provides cover for ideologically aligned deep state officials.

♦(2)  Use the investigation to keep any and all inquiry focused away from the corrupt DOJ and FBI activity that took place in 2015, 2016, 2017.  Keep the media narrative looking somewhere, anywhere, other than directly at the epicenter of the issues. In this way, Mueller provides distraction and talking points against the Trump administration.

♦(3) Use the investigation to suck-up, absorb, any damaging investigative material that might surface as a result of tangentially related inquiry.  Example: control the exposure of evidence against classified leak participants like SSCI Director of Security, James Wolfe; and/or block IG Horowitz from seeing material related to the FISA abuse scandal and “spygate”.  In this way Mueller provides cover for the institutions and the administrative state.

From this perspective consider the fact that Mueller’s office destroyed evidence by allowing (ordering?) text messages from now-fired FBI official Peter Strzok and his FBI lover, Lisa Page, to be erased in the Russia probe.

That almost certain deliberate destruction of evidence led President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani to tell the Hill’s John Solomon and Buck Sexton:

“Mueller should be investigated for destruction of evidence for allowing those text messages from Strzok to be erased, messages that would show the state of mind and tactics of his lead anti-Trump FBI agent at the start of his probe.”

Giuliani’s comments came in response to the Justice Department Inspector General’s report that it had found large gaps in the preservation of official government text messages between Strzok and Page, the two top FBI agents who helped to start the Russia probe in 2016, who were having an affair at the time, and who expressed disdain for Trump.

The IG reported that it was unable to recover messages from the time Strzok and Page worked for Mueller’s office in spring and summer 2017 because the memories of both FBI officials’ government phones were wiped clean by technicians.

How convenient.  Not much different from the deliberate destruction of evidence in the FBI’s sham Clinton email investigation.

Giuliani said, “It’s actually worse than Rose Mary Woods” (of Watergate shame). “She erased less than 19 minutes of conversation, but the FBI got rid of more than 19,000 messages.”  Unless the NSA works some magic those messages from the time Strzok and Page worked for Mueller are lost forever.

America’s mayor wasn’t finished:

Giuliani said the Russia probe investigators also should be investigated for using the Christopher Steele dossier, which he called a “piece of garbage,” to justify a search warrant on a Trump adviser without telling the court it was paid for by 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic Party.

Even Michael Isikoff, a reporter whose reporting on the dossier was cited to beef up the FISA application has walked back his account of it:

Making matter even worse was the complicity of the mainstream propaganda media.

What would that same media have said if Donald Trump had destroyed evidence in a similar fashion?  

As time passes and the evidence mounts, it becomes more apparent that Hillary Clinton was the beneficiary of the DOJ, FBI, and Obama administration’s desperate need to frame the incoming president in order to hide its corruption from a Trump presidency.