Giuliani Challenges the MSM: ‘Take Me On.’ Ukranian-Clinton/DNC/Biden Collusion – ‘I’ve Got All The Evidence’

Elder Patriot – Yesterday, on Fox News Sunday, John Roberts did his best to maintain the anti-Trump, mainstream media’s narrative that the investigation of Joe Biden’s dealings in the Ukraine was somehow politically motivated.

So what?  Were the FBI investigation and the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into alleged Russia-Trump collusion anything but politically motivated?

Biden’s threat to withhold a billion dollar loan guarantee in order to extort Ukraine into firing the prosecutor investigating his son, is not an illegal witch-hunt on the part of President Trump or his attorney Rudolph Giuliani.

It is enforcing the same emoluments law that the Democrat/MSM cabal has constantly accused President Trump of violating.

And Biden provided a video confession as well:

What would the outrage level be if the Democrat/MSM had a video of Trump saying that?

Or, this?

No matter what Roberts did to keep Giuliani within narrative guardrails, Giuliani refused to limit his answers.

Rudy dropped an atomic sledgehammer on the Democrat-approved narrative and Roberts, confronted with evidence of a major scandal involving a candidate for president, chose to downplay the damning allegations rather than explore them.

Instead Roberts confronts the president’s attorney for having the nerve to investigate the wrongdoing.

Imagine that.  

Despite the fact that elements within the U.S. government have systematically blocked Ukranian attempts to contact the U.S. Department of Justice with evidence in this matter, Roberts suggests the president’s legal team should ignore it.

Did the Democrat/MSM demand Obama’s team ignore the Steele dossier that they knew to be opposition research and knew was funded by the same Democrat criminal syndicate that are involved in constructing this narrative?

Rudy: This is going to get bigger and bigger and everything I say I can prove!

MSM: How dare you investigate the Democrat’s criminal syndicate!!!