Get Real. Trump Will Accomplish Nothing Legislatively Until You Give Him A Congress to Work With

ELDER PATRIOT – The mainstream media is in overdrive working to separate President Trump from his supporters who put him in power.  Why anyone trusts them to judge Donald Trump fairly at this point is beyond comprehension.

For certain there has been some troubling indicators that may signal the president’s moderation on some key issues – the continued reign of Janet Yellin as Fed Chairman and the re-authorization of the Import-Export Bank that serves as a primary funding source for crony capitalism – but nothing has yet been decided in either case. 

Any fair assessment of the current president has to begin with the acknowledgement that Donald Trump arrived in Washington with virtually the entire political establishment aligned against him making any legislative initiative nearly impossible.

From the beginning Democrats working in tandem with the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio in the Senate and House Speaker Paul Ryan threatened the new president with impeachment while opposing everything the new president proposed even as the American people had voted for him to do.

This became abundantly clear when Paul Ryan refused to offer an Obamacare repeal worth considering.  It was such a bad bill that Ryan couldn’t come close to getting the required number of votes from his caucus – a caucus that was desperate to repeal the God-awful bill that is bankrupting America and that Republicans had been running on repealing for the past three electoral cycles.

Trump learned an important lesson from his dealings with the traitorous House Speaker and had been working behind the scenes with Senator Rand Paul and Mark Meadows of the Freedom Caucus to fashion repeal and replace legislation worthy of Republican principles given the political reality that some form of healthcare must be supplied to those Americans who cannot afford it.

Trump will, either get a proper healthcare replacement bill passed, or he’ll use the bully pulpit to affix the blame squarely where it belongs – on those House Republicans who align themselves with Paul Ryan and the Democrats.

The same media that now undermines President Trump has given Paul Ryan a pass on his Ryancare debacle that was purposefully designed to damage the president.  Trump supporters do so to their own demise.  Instead, their ire should be focused like a laser on Paul Ryan.

Electing Donald Trump president was only a first step in draining Washington’s swamp.  Until disappointed Trump supporters begin the task of replacing their congressional representatives with truly conservative Tea Party candidates in the upcoming mid-term primaries so that the president has a working majority it is unreasonable to expect the president to accomplish anything significant on the legislative front.

It’s time for Trump’s supporters to realize that in a political world of binary choices they chose correctly.  But, like our troops who under Obama were severely restricted by rules of engagement, Donald Trump is fighting for America with both hands tied behind his back.