German Chancellor Looks Like Chastened Schoolgirl After Trump Has at Her

ELDER PATRIOT – If German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared to be acting like a chastened schoolgirl who had just gotten set straight by her father during the press conference following her meeting with Donald Trump yesterday, it’s because that’s very much what happened at the meeting.

President Trump and Chancellor Merkel found no common ground on any of the issues they discussed and he let Merkel know that his stick is immeasurably bigger than hers.

Trump believes that under Merkel’s leadership – and because of Germany’s domination over the European Union – her policy of recklessly admitting Islamic refugees by the millions threatens Western civilization inside Europe and therefore increases the threat to NATO.

Trump demanded that Germany begin meeting its financial obligations to the United States for the defense it provides her nation.  Merkel left the meeting knowing that Trump is especially peeved over this issue.

Because of the threat Merkel’s leadership is causing to the stability of all of Europe, Trump would at least like Germany to ante up the 2% of gross national income that it is contractually obligated to pay. 

He probably told her Germany’s share should be much higher, after all they’ve already been at the root of two world wars and have been fomenting a third.  However, for public consumption Trump tweeted this early today:

“Germany owes vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!”

Despite running a budget surplus of 269 billion euros Germany has met barely half of its obligations to NATO.

Trump told Merkel that he expects every cent to be paid, not just for this year but also all of its past delinquent payments.

Only four other NATO-member countries have paid their fair share.  Because Obama let Merkel and others get away with this nonsense our nation’s debt was increased by hundreds of billions of dollars.  Merkel’s use of the money to fund the importation of refugees means we are asking our children to pick up the tab for Europe’s demise.

As Merkel stood before the cameras yesterday she had already received word from her negotiators at the G-20 Summit making her aware that Germany was no longer going to feeding at the trough of America’s taxpayers. 

No wonder she looked like she just stepped out of the ring with Mike Tyson.  She just took a left-right combination that rocked her to her core.

Anyone who still thinks that Donald Trump isn’t a serious national leader has their head up their donkey.