It’s Gametime: The MAGA Agenda Is In Your Hands Now

Elder Patriot – The arguments have been made.  Now the future for the Trump agenda rests in your determination to vote.  

MAGA pollster John McLaughlin explained to Mark Levin last night how if each of us does our job, President Trump will have the governing majority he needs to fund the wall, change our broken immigration laws, and cut government spending so that we can start cutting into the debt:

The roadmap to retention of control in the House runs through solidly Republican districts.  That means, if we vote we win. If we don’t, we can kiss the hard work and progress of the past two years goodbye.

There are seventy-eight competitive races that will determine which party emerges with control of the House.  Sixty-seven are Republican districts.

If we do our jobs and vote the Democrats shouldn’t pick up more than 11 seats.  That is well short of the 24 seats Dems need to seize control and end the MAGA agenda and with it this amazing economic revival.

Your vote can be a red T-cell sent to destroy the blue cancer cells that are attacking our body politic.  If our numbers are sufficient …