Gallup Poll: Americans Losing Interest In Defending Democracy

ELDER PATRIOT – I’m fairly certain that on the morning of June 7th, 1944 my father woke after a night of fitful sleep and thought to himself, “What the f*ck am I doing here?”

The reality of the previous day’s carnage, that lay visible on the beaches beneath the cliffs they had conquered, must’ve filled his thoughts.  His company was among the initial landing parties and when he awoke the next morning he learned that he was the only surviving member of his company still fit for combat.

That morning the heroes of D-Day found themselves scrambling to regroup into functional fighting units.  Irrespective of the personal anguish they were each surely dealing with there was no time for mourning lost friends or for turning back.  There was too much at stake and their families and countrymen were counting on them.  Unborn generations were counting on them.

I bring this up because if recent poll numbers are accurate, the American people are going wobbly in their support of President Trump in an act of cowardice that would embarrass the men of D-Day and leave them questioning what their sacrifice was for?

President Trump promised to Drain the Swamp and bring jobs back to America.  Where has he failed? 

If the Gallup Poll released yesterday that shows the president’s approval rating plummeting is indeed an accurate reflection of the mood of Americans, then unlike the brave men surrounding my father that fateful day and in the months afterwards, today’s Americans, following decades of social engineering, no longer even have the intestinal fortitude to support someone else Draining the Swamp while they go about their daily business.

President Trump has not embarked on an easy course.  The swamp President Trump has waded into is deeper and more expansive than everyone expected and it is likely going to take years of investigations fraught with many turns and many tawdry prosecutions to drain…unless you desert him, in which case the dirtbags will prevail and our nation’s destiny will be forever altered.

Unlike the men that have earned recognition as our “greatest generation” you get to sleep in your own beds every night, safely ensconced in you homes. 

Only the president is under threat of death from his enemies.  Your life is unchanged except for an increased optimism about the future. 

The president’s enemies are better funded than any army that the allies confronted, fortified by your taxpayer dollars. 

The president’s enemies are placed everywhere throughout every level of the government, Trump inherited – Federal, State and local.  Large swaths of the judicial and legislative branches are aligned against him, as are the executive branches of many cities and states.

Making matters more difficult for the president is that he has only a small cadre of cabinet members in whose support he can be confident.  Even here he is still waiting for all of his nominees to be confirmed.  Even the loyalties and possible illegal activities of members of his own party are unknown, at this point, to the president.

This morning the congressional hearings into Russian influence of the election exposed the mainstream media’s all out assault on the president to the point that it is now known that the Washington Post and the New York Times are not only reporting fake news but that they may be inventing the fake news.

The all out assault on President Trump that started before he even entered office should stand as evidence of just how feared he is by the corrupt and dirty politicians and appointees he has promised to clear from the swamp.

Perhaps the polls are reflective of reality setting in among the weak-kneed that there will be sacrifices to be made when the president, in an attempt to balance the budget for everyone’s benefit, begins eliminating their personal access to the government trough.

There are no easy solutions for President Trump as he works to return the government to the people.  He deserves your trust until we learn that he has violated it.

You elected the man, now give him your support, it’s the least you owe him…and your children.

If Gallup is correct, I am left wondering just what people expected of Trump when they voted for him.