FUBAR! New York Times Reaffirms Its Blatant Anti-Semitism With Ugly Political Cartoon and Editorial

Here’s the cartoon:

A blind Donald Trump, wearing a Yarmulke, is being led by Bibi Netanyahu who is depicted as a dog.

There’s no acceptable excuse the New York Times can possibly hide behind.  Remember, this is the same paper that denied the holocaust.

Here, you can listen as Mark Levin goes in depth on the anti-Semitic history of the NY Times.

This despicable cartoon, as well as the accompanying  editorial, did not appear by accident.

Consider the number of checks on editorial review and the subsequent approval processes that are necessary before the decision to go to print is finally given.

Yet no one, not a single person voiced their disapproval.  Worse, what if they did?

This really is a shocking admission by the editorial board that reaffirms the paper’s long-held anti-Semitic bias for all to see.

Then came the disingenuous retraction:

Really?  “An error in judgement?”  An error in judgement does not begin to explain the collective decision of the dozens of persons involved in the drafting and approval process.  They simply got carried away by their own ideological hatred.

Waiting for Facebook and Twitter to ban the New York Time… 3… 2… 1…  Right, never gonna happen.