As Frustration With Jeff Sessions Mounts Impatient Trump Supporters Undermine Plans to Drain the Swamp

Elder Patriot – The goal is to drain the swamp not to simply get a scalp, even if it’s Hillary Clinton’s scalp. 

The Clintons no longer control the swamp.  The party Hillary once controlled with her iron fist and FBI dossiers has jettisoned her, along with hubby Bill.

Both Hillary and Bill are now nothing more than a sideshow awaiting prosecution.  Let them wallow in their own disgrace and suffer in anticipation of what’s to come.

The more important targets that President Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions have in their crosshairs are those corrupt ruling elites that still walk the halls of the Capitol setting policy and who long ago turned their back on the promises they made to everyday Americans choosing instead to work for the benefit of corporate and global interests.

Trump and Sessions are well aware that restoring our representative republic will require the removal of these current swamp monsters and not simply satisfying the primal urge to punish the now irrelevant Clintons.

For certain both Hillary and Bill deserve to behind bars – perhaps even executed – for their betrayal of the trust that the American people placed in them.  I would relish that myself and look forward to savoring a 30-year old single malt when that day comes.  But Trump’s goal is to restore the legitimacy of our elected officials so that our government can be returned to working for the people. 

It’s important to keep in mind that the Clintons no longer hold sway over any lever of the government they corrupted.  Even the mainstream media, as irrelevant as they have made themselves, has begun turning on them.

The restoration of our democracy requires cleansing our government of the current denizens of the swamp.  That takes time and requires favorable public opinion lest the people believe this to be a series of nefarious political retributions.

There is only so much political capital that can be expended in this endeavor before claims that Trump is resorting to the politics of third world dictators’ begins resonating with voters.  Spending it all on Hillary Clinton does not serve Trump’s bigger agenda of reestablishing Washington to proper working order before his presidency is over.

All we need to do for affirmation that prosecuting political criminality requires favorable public opinion is look to the hung jury in the Robert Menendez case.

A recent Harvard CAPS/Harris survey reveals that two-thirds of voters now believe a thorough investigation into the Clintons’ corruption is warranted.  The poll is proof that Trump’s strategy and Sessions’ actions are winning.

My advice is that we should cool our jets until no longer than this coming October before passing final judgment on Trump and his AG’s commitment to drain the swamp.  We’ve waited almost a quarter century to prosecute the Clintons, we can wait another 11 months if it means taking everyone down with them.

It takes strong, determined men to do this work, especially in light of the fact the FBI can no longer be trusted.  I’m trusting that in this case patience will prove to be a virtue, not a vice.

As I opined in an earlier column, the bet here is that Justice will delay bringing indictments until after the 2018 primaries that will determine the candidates in next November’s midterms.  First as a courtesy to give the the swamp the opportunity to drain itself – as Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have decided to do by surrendering their Senate seats – and then as a political weapon to use against those corrupt politicians who are too arrogant to step aside on their own.