Former U.S. Attorney General Poses the Million Dollar Question: Why Didn’t Mueller Report That There Was No Collusion As Soon As He Knew?

Elder Patriot| Michael B. Mukasey, a former federal judge, and U.S. Attorney General under President George W. Bush discussed the Mueller Report’s findings with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer.

Mukasey told Hemmer the the most important unanswered question that remains following the release of the report is:

“When did Bob Mueller know, or when did the people who worked with him know, that there was no coordination, which is what they were looking for?”

“When did they realize that and whenever they realized that shouldn’t they have told the rest of us?”

Mukasey also noted:

“Look, the Russians have been messing with the West generally and with the United States specifically since the Communist Revolution.”

This is of a piece with that. It’s more advanced obviously, they didn’t have the internet in 1917, and they’re going to have it in the next election. That’s not to minimize the seriousness of it in the sense that it’s something we ought to combat.

“But let’s have a sense of proportion here. It’s of a piece with what’s gone on before. It’s not something brand new nor was it something that appears to have been particularly effective.”

Mueller likely already knew when he took the job of special counsel that there was no evidence of collusion.  If Mueller didn’t know at that time then he had to have known within a couple of months.

Instead he allowed the idea that Trump was an agent of Putin’s to fester in the consciousness of Americans by conflating the well-established fact that Russia always meddled with a false story that Trump was involved.

Why do we say that?  Two pieces of information have surfaced that appear to be connected.  Both, came to light less than a month after Robert Mueller was appointed as the special counsel.

On June 14, 2017,  CNN revealed that Mueller was shifting to building a case for obstruction against President Trump:

The next day, June 15, 2017, Donald Trump had already figured out Mueller’s strategy:

Consider what Trump had already witnessed, except for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates whose offenses had absolutely nothing to do with Trump, his campaign, or Russia, every other “crime” was a process crime – that weren’t crimes until Mueller’s attack dogs created them.

Trapping Trump in a process crime now appears to be exactly what Mueller’s team spent the past 21 months attempting to hand around Trump’s neck, a process crime.

Trump avoided the perjury trap by refusing to meet directly with the special counsel’s corrupt team.  So Mueller set about trying to goad President Trump into committing obstruction.

Mueller’s team of deceitful liars and leakers have already succeeded in flipping the House to Democrat control in the 2018 election.

Realize what Mueller’s team of skanks did.  They dedicated their efforts, and spent $35 million in the process, trying to create a crime where none existed!

Mueller’s work may be finished, but with control of the House now in the hands of equally deceitful lying and leaking Democrats, and with the mainstream media left with no other option than to ride this attempted coup to the finish, there will be no change in strategy – just in the players.

They never thought she would lose.