Former Trump Partner And Loretta Lynch Asset, Felix Sater Set to Testify to House Intel Committee Behind Closed Doors

Elder Patriot| Chairman of  the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Adam Schiff (D-CA), has announced that Trump’s former business associate, Felix Sater, who was a partner at one of Trump’s New York properties, will testify before the committee in an open session on March 14.

Like Michael Cohen who has a record of lying and was incentivized to flip on his former boss, Sater is similarly compromised as a liar.

In January of 2015, while Loretta Lynch was under consideration for Attorney General, former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell took a look into the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York because the office had been running a secret docket for years.  That U.S. Attorney was the same Loretta Lynch.

Powell wrote:

… courageous lawyers are asking the Supreme Court to review a case that reveals how Ms. Lynch, her predecessors, and her prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York put cases on a secret docket that has allowed admitted criminals to walk free, deprived their victims of millions of dollars of restitution required under the law, and enabled the criminals to commit more crimes against the unsuspecting public.

Powell expanded her thoughts on what was at stake by allowing prosecutors to run roughshod over the law in this manner:

At stake is far more than the issue of restitution of hundreds of millions of stolen dollars. There is a fundamental failure of the Department of Justice to protect innocent citizens from known criminals in a massive secret star-chamber for which there is no review or means of accountability. It is more government lawlessness and making its own rules as it goes— an unsupervised “cooperator game” at immeasurable cost to justice, faith and trust in the fairness of our system.

The case had been entered as Palmer v. John Doe, #14-676.  The defendant was Felix Sater who the newest name on Lynch’s docket.

The Washington Times Jim McElhatton explained:

Paul Cassell, a law professor at the University of Utah, said Ms. Lynch’s office, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, never told victims in a major stock fraud case that a culprit [Felix Sater] had been sentenced — denying them a chance to seek restitution of some $40 million in losses.

Mr. Cassell, in written remarks to a House Judiciary Committee panel in 2013, said if prosecutors were using secretive sentencing procedures to reward criminals for cooperating with them, it could violate the Crime Victims Restitution Act.

“Every day that the office withholds notice from the victims in this case about the continuing proceedings that are occurring in this case is a day in which the office is violating the CVRA,” he wrote, urging the subcommittee to conduct its own inquiry into Ms. Lynch’s office.

The Judiciary Committee acknowledged in an email to The Washington Times that it never followed up to contact Ms. Lynch’s office, but added the panel “has not ruled out sending an inquiry to the U.S. attorney’s office regarding its handling of victims’ rights.”

Ultimately the Judiciary Committee never followed up and Lynch became Attorney General where she proceeded to assemble, as we see it, the most corrupt Justice Department in history.

Sidney Powell:

The petition [to the Supreme Court] reveals that prosecutors have a terrifying set of double standards and secret deals—one for “cooperators” and one for those who decline to cooperate. The cooperators in the cases on the secret docket are allowed to plead guilty and to go about their lives with virtual immunity for any crimes they continue to commit—and commit them they do. It’s one thing for a prosecutor to make a deal with a cooperator. It’s another thing for the deal to be a complete secret for years that enables the cooperator to resume his criminal conduct—not only licensed but protected by the government.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is acquainted with abusing power in this way.  From the Huffington Post:

Long before he became FBI Director, serious questions existed about Mueller’s role as Acting U.S. Attorney in Boston in effectively enabling decades of corruption and covering up of the FBI’s illicit deals with mobster Whitey Bulger and other “top echelon” informants who committed numerous murders and crimes. When the truth was finally uncovered through intrepid investigative reporting and persistent, honest judges, U.S. taxpayers footed a $100 million court award to the four men framed for murders committed by (the FBI operated) Bulger gang.

To be clear, Mueller allowed Bulger to continue his crime spree, including numerous murders, after he became a confidential informant against other Boston crime figures.

As for Felix Sater, the heavily redacted court record identified him only as John Doe, an expert money launderer, convicted in connection with a stock swindle almost 20 years ago.

But the victims of Sater’s previous crime(s) weren’t the only people who were deprived of their lawful rights so that Loretta Lynch could hide the identity of her informant, other potentially innocent people were, as well.

That included citizen Donald Trump, who likely only knew Sater to be a man of significant means when they met and entered into a business arrangement.

It has also been reported by numerous sources that Sater was a member of the mafia, or the Russian mob.

The question arises, if Robert Mueller was FBI director when Donald Trump was considering a business arrangement with Felix Sater, and Loretta Lynch was the lead U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York at the time, why didn’t either of them warn businessman Trump that he might be the target of a criminal enterprise?

The answer is simple, Sater likely has been kept as an asset for times just like this one.  He’s a smooth talking, con man, with tens of millions in assets. That’s enough to convince any developer/investor he’s worth investigation as a potential partner.

And, with his name redacted from court documents, unknown even to the judge, how would anyone be able to properly vet him.

Wake up, my friends.  It’s now about protecting us.  It hasn’t been about protecting us for some time.  Their only concern is protecting themselves.