Former Navy Fighter Pilot Shoots Down Mueller: Federal Judge Rebukes “Excessive” Sentencing Request For Manafort

Elder Patriot – Federal Judge T.S. Ellis was a Navy F-4 Phantom pilot before leaving the service to attend Harvard Law School and afterwards, Oxford University.  

The F-4 Phantom was one badass fighter jet. And, now we know that Judge Ellis is one badass, himself.

Judge Ellis deserves credit for standing firm against the raging establishment destroy-Trump machine.

It was last May when the judge, who presides over the Eastern District of Virginia, first showed his mettle while hearing special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecution of Paul Manafort’s decade-old offenses.

Realizing that the prosecution of Paul Manafort was not consistent with the special counsel’s charging scope, Judge Ellis upbraided prosecutors:

“I don’t see what relationship this indictment has with anything the special counsel is authorized to investigate.”

Essentially Judge Ellis assailed Mueller’s use of what he called “unfettered power” and accused the special counsel of threatening Manafort in the hope of inducing him to flip on President Trump.

Yesterday, Mueller’s team of prosecutors were back in court seeking to advance their scorched earth, destroy President Trump agenda recommending Manafort’s life end in a federal penitentiary.

Judge Ellis has spent enough time in the swamp to know that half of Washington have committed similar crimes and he let prosecutors know that he wasn’t buying into their argument for, what would amount to, a life sentence for Manafort.

After first calling Mueller’s sentencing recommendation “excessive” he said:

“To impose a sentence of 19-24 years on Mr. Manafort would clearly be a disparity. In the end, I don’t think the guidelines range is at all appropriate.

“I think what I’ve done is sufficiently punitive, and anyone who disagrees should spend a day in a federal penitentiary.”

Judge Ellis sidestepped federal sentencing guidelines and imposed a greatly reduced 47-month sentence instead.  He also gave Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, credit for the nine months he has already spent behind bars.

This means that Manafort will likely serve no more than three years if he is granted early parole, something that is fairly routine for white collar crimes.

Manafort had been found guilty on five charges of tax fraud, two charges of bank fraud, and one charge of hiding foreign bank accounts.  Serious offenses to be sure but nothing the special counsel couldn’t charge any number of lobbyists and elected officials with if he had turned his attack dogs loose on them, instead.

Prosecutors insisted that “Mr. Manafort did not provide sufficient cooperation to merit any mitigation.” Translation: he wouldn’t provide false testimony against Donald Trump.

Mueller’s prosecutors also advised the judge that “no one conjured these crimes up” and that “a jury of his peers found him guilty.”

All true, but prosecutors overreached when they focused on Manafort’s lavish lifestyle, notably his expensive wardrobe.  The judge quickly ended this line of argument:

“The government doesn’t want to prosecute somebody because they wear nice clothes, do they? Let’s move on.”

Whether Judge Ellis realized it or not – his comments were focused on the legal relevancy of the prosecutors’ case – he hit the leftists’ nail squarely on the head.

Hate-Trump leftists do want to punish people for their success.  Their entire agenda for 2020 has been built around that and the personal destruction of President Trump and those around him.

At least for one day, in this one instance, the swamp was beaten back.  It took a battle-hardened Navy pilot to do it.

Source material for this article came from the Washington Examiner.