Forget Russia – Former Congressman Blows Lid Off Mexican Interference in U.S. Election!!!

ELDER PATRIOT – Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo was among the first to raise awareness about the threat that unfettered immigration across the border with Mexico posed to the citizenry of the United States.

Tancredo wasn’t some conspiracy nut tying together some loose data with personal prejudices, he was speaking as a man fully informed by a high-ranking member of Mexican President Vincente Fox’s administration.

In 2002 he had met with Juan Hernandez who was Fox’s appointee to head the “Office of Americans Abroad.”  According to Tancredo the conversation was wide-ranging and Hernandez was unexpectedly candid.

This is a short synopsis of what Hernandez told him:

  • Mexico had instituted a policy for distributing 200,000 “survival kits” for Mexican migrants planning to enter the United States illegally. 
  • The policy of supporting illegal entry was part of his efforts to greatly increase the number of Mexican nationals residing in the U.S. for a myriad of reasons – none good for America’s citizens.
  • Helping millions of young, unemployed Mexicans cross the southern border was an official government policy intended to reduce the pressure they would otherwise be placing on the Mexican economy
  • The Mexican government was counting of these illegal aliens to send home remittances that accounted for the second largest source of foreign income for the country. Last year, Mexico received a record $26.8 billion in cash remittances. 
  • These remittances were so important to Mexico that Hernandez spent most of his time in the U.S. “working with the community” to maintain the migrants’ cultural ties to Mexico. 
  • There was another advantage that Mexico gained by massive export of their population into the U.S. that Hernandez admitted.  It is the positive impact such a large population of Mexicans living here would have on our foreign policy towards Mexico.

Congressman Tancredo asked Hernandez “Aren’t you embarrassed to admit such a thing, that your government is openly violating U.S. Sovereignty?”

Hernandez’s answer revealed the Mexican government has actually been staging an invasion of the United States with the help of corporate-Globalist politicians:

“Really, Congressman, we are talking here about a region, not two countries.” 

In 2008, Hernandez played a key role in helping John “Amnesty” McCain gain the Republican presidential nomination.

For establishment elites, if the price of cheap foreign labor drives down the wages of American families, then the loss of our culture and the prosperity of America’s working class is just an inconvenience the Americans they purport to represent will just have to deal with.

Now that the Mexican government’s official state strategy to drain our treasury, drive down Americans’ wages, and influence our elections has been exposed by

Donald Trump, the D.C. Sewer System is doing everything they can to derail our president.

This has included ginning up the totally unsubstantiated Russia-Trump collusion allegations when it was the Mexican government that sought to influence our election when it triggered violent protests against then candidate Donald Trump by La Raza, Puente Human Rights Movement, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF,) the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

The D.C. Sewer System has even gone so far as to authorize $150 million of the funds set aside for border security to help these groups get the word out to illegal aliens that they can get legal and vote Democrat.

Please share this article with everyone you know before the corrupt D.C. establishment takes down our president.

H/T Breitbart and Tom Tancredo