ELDER PATRIOT – While the mainstream media and the Democratic Party shift into hyper drive calling for Jeff Sessions to resign one is forced to wonder where the commensurate level of outrage was about these Clintons’…uh…ties to the Russian government?

  • While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sales of 20% of our nation’s uranium stock to nine Russian investors who just happened to “donate” $145 Million to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 dollars by a state-backed Russian bank for a speech during the time that Hillary was running the State Department.
  • John Podesta who eventually became C.E.O. of Hillary’s campaign – that certainly qualifies him as a surrogate – netted $35 Million dollars from his company’s relationship with a Russian government fund.  Podesta later failed to disclose the fact that he sat on the board of Joule Unlimited that so heavily profited from its Russian relationship prior to being appointed to a senior advisory position by President Obama.

No one raised an eyebrow when the investigation revealed regular email exchanges between the State Department (where Clinton was selling access) and the Clinton Campaign (where they were busy covering her tracks) and the Clinton Foundation (that was serving as their personal money laundering machine.)

  • The head of the Russian government’s uranium company personally donated almost $2.5 Million to the Clinton Foundation in a manner intended to obscure where the money came from and in direct contravention of Hillary’s pre-conditional agreement with President Obama prior to her appointment as Secretary that she would publicly identify all donors.

To members of the Democratic Party and their propaganda arm, aka the mainstream media, these conflicts pale in comparison to when a Republican member of the Senate has a conversation with a Russian diplomat.

The unholy Democrat-Media cabal alternatively dismissed websites that reported on the Clintons’ questionable financial transactions (pay-to-play schemes,) alibied for the corrupt couple, or when all else failed attacked us for reporting fake news.

This is beyond hypocritical.  The longer their objections to members of Trump’s inner circle continue the deeper the hole the Democrats and the mainstream media are digging themselves into.  Worse for them, the subsequent investigations are reminding everyone why they voted for Donald Trump in the first place – it’s time to Drain the Swamp!!!