Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini Strikes Blow For Our Constitutional Protections… Lawsuit Defeats Tyrannical Lockdown Decisions… IN A MATTER OF HOURS

Last month, Galen Wood became the first Florida business owner arrested for violating the Safer at Home orders that instructed he close his doors.

Wood is the owner of Kitchen Table Games in Pinellas Park. He was arrested for keeping what was considered a non-essential business open in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The hypocrisy of, and the inconsistent application of, the ruling is impossible to ignore. 

That’s when Florida state Representative Anthony Sabatini ® stepped in.  Sabatini put aside his National Guard duties, as well as his legislative responsibilities and brought suit to test the constitutionality of the Safer at Home demand.

On Thursday, April 30th, Rep. Sabatini used his Facebook page to announce his intention to represent Galen Wood pro bono…

Then, overnight the inevitable happened…

In near record time the State Attorney’s Office 6th Circuit dropped their case against Galen Wood. 

It’s always been clear that no valid legal authority ever existed for either the state or local emergency orders to rescind the First Amendment.