Florida Graffiti Exposes Clinton Panic Call for Black Violence Against Whites

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump’s common sense appeal to Black voters, “what have you got to lose,” is resonating and internal polling conducted by both parties is reflecting that.  This morning Politico is reporting that Trump’s growing support among Blacks as the alternative to the Democrats’ long failed policies has the Clinton campaign and Democrats in “panic mode.”

Black voters’ overwhelming support for then Senator Barack Obama was the reason he defeated Mrs. Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries and they’re one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton is trailing Donald Trump in every legitimate recent Florida poll.

Mrs. Clinton further fueled Black disdain for her with her response to Donald Trump’s assertion that minorities in our inner cities “are living in hell.”

“Well, I’ve heard Donald say this at his rallies, and it’s really unfortunate that he paints such a dire negative picture of black communities in our country. The vibrancy of the black church, the black businesses that employ so many people, the opportunities that so many families are working to provide for their kids. There’s a lot that we should be proud of and we should be supporting and lifting up.” – Hillary Clinton

Black voters realize that just as with the radical Islamic terror problem, if you won’t correctly name and identify the extent of problem you won’t have the will to eliminate it.  Sadly, Mrs. Clinton won’t identify the problem because she’s had the better part of three decades to fix it and the situation has only grown worse.  Blacks are awakening to this truth in numbers large enough to destroy Mrs. Clinton’s electoral chances.

Black political commentator and advocate Tavis Smiley admitted as much during an interview earlier this year when Megyn Kelly asked, “On the subject of race, are we better off today than seven years ago?”

Smiley’s response was honest if incredibly disappointing: “On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories”.

The realization that even with a black president the Democrats had no intention of easing Blacks access to the same economy as whites enjoy has begun to take hold.  The facts tell a different story about Democrats’ intentions.  Clinton donors have donated over one billion dollars to Black Lives Matter to sow racial unrest. 

Blacks are left to wonder what a billion dollars in seed money could’ve accomplished in rebuilding even a single American city by someone who wants to help and who knows what he’s doing.  Donald Trump is that person and he’s reaching out to their community to offer his assistance if elected.

This has left Blacks who haven’t already deserted her with lackluster support for

Mrs. Clinton.  Simply stated, if Mrs. Clinton gets less than 85% of the black vote she won’t win the election and the best polling available, Big Data Analytics, shows her losing 26% of their support right now.

Mrs. Clinton’s reaction to her waning presidential hopes has been to resort to the most dangerous of strategies by injecting racism and inviting violence into key battleground areas.

The strategy to sow racial unrest has been funded by Democrat billionaires under the guidance of the Obama administration as we pointed out in early July when details began to leak out about the Democrats sordid doomsday plans.

Mrs. Clinton’s panicking campaign has decided that mobilizing that racist movement may be the only thing that can save her.  Messages calling for violence are now being employed across the country in an attempt to replace the discussion of her failures with a narrative blaming Donald Trump for their unrest.

We’ve already witnessed widespread, though relatively minor, violence by her radicalized left-wing supporters aimed towards Trump supporters and their property.  It’s now becoming obvious that worse is yet to come.

Despite Mrs. Clinton’s fervent hopes, this strategy will neither, move those Black voters who’ve already decided on voting for Donald Trump away from him, or energize what remains of her disillusioned core support among Blacks.

It will only result in physical injury and a more divided country.

Really Mrs. Clinton, isn’t that a deplorable strategy?