First in a Series – You’ll Never Guess The Accomplished Blacks Who Openly Support Donald Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Sean Combs has successfully navigated the world of the rough and tumble hip-hop industry to branch out into a number of other diverse business ventures ranging from alcoholic beverages (DeLeon Tequila) to clothing apparel (Rocawear) to his own TV network (Revolt) to ownership stakes in Roc Nation, Carol’s Daughter (haircare and beauty products,) the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center that the NBA team calls home.

Forbes magazine estimated his wealth at $750 million only a few months ago.

P Diddy is highly accomplished by anyone’s standards and stands as proof that a man with a plan and the willingness to work hard has no limits on what he can achieve.  This has led Combs to reject the Democrat’s appeal to blacks that they are being held back by racism.

Combs has refused to buy charges that Donald Trump is a racist and instead sees a man, like himself, who busted his butt and was able to realize the American dream. 

Mr. Combs also believes that a no-nonsense businessman has a better chance of unraveling the mess in Washington than a members of the same political class that created it.

That is why Sean “P Diddy” Combs has endorsed Donald Trump.