Finally UNMASKED: TURNCOAT House & Senate REPUBLICANS Leadership Team Up With Dems To TAKE DOWN TRUMP

ELDER PATRIOT – Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s foot-dragging on President Trump’s economic package is proof where their allegiance lies.  It isn’t to you!

No one with even a modicum of economic or historical knowledge would or could deny that we cannot go on adding $1 trillion in debt every year and pass the economic opportunity on to our children that our parents passed on to us.  Check that, no one with even a modicum of common sense believes that.

That is why President Trump was elected.  And that is why Republicans where re-elected.  But, promises are just that, they’re not actions.

Whereas President Trump has aggressively moved to relax onerous economy-killing regulations by Executive Order, he must work with Congress to fulfill his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare and to cut taxes and simplify the tax code.  All three are essential to attracting investment – and the jobs that comes with it – by corporations large and small.

And herein lies the proof that “Conservative” majorities in both Houses of Congress are a mirage.  Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell have accomplished the ultimate bait and switch scam.  Ryan and McConnell both promised to repeal Obamacare – only repeal not replace – and to cut taxes during their campaigns and for the six years before that.

That was while Obama was president of course when there was no chance of achieving either.  Now, they are stonewalling these important economic corrections.  And, they are vilifying those Republicans who are standing firm on those campaign promises and demanding that leadership do the same.

There can be only one reason for denying President Trump the legislation America needs to once again become the economic beacon of the world.  If Trump’s policies were instituted to the benefit of the masses his re-election would be a certainty.

Leadership remains committed to Obama’s globalist worldview and Trump’s ability to connect directly with the American people is an impediment to those plans.  Ryan and McConnell, and too many in their flock, want him out and they will continue ignoring the United States economic decline if that’s what it takes to turn Trump into no more than a one-term president.

Private sector job growth is slowing, a major indicator that the overall economy is slowing.  Americans are suffering while Ryan and McConnell deliberately fiddle. 

Ask yourself why?  McConnell has been in the Senate since 1985.  Ryan has been in the House since 1999.  What have they accomplished? 

  • Debt has grown 1100% while McConnell was busy making deals with the globalists.  McConnell had a decade and a half head start on Ryan, but Ryan serving as chair of both the House Budget Committee and the powerful House Ways and Means Committee was still able to quadruple the debt we’ll be passing to our children.
  • Both have overseen economic policy that has resulted in diminishing the value of the dollar by 75%.
  • The median family income in the United States – adjusted for inflation – has remained basically unchanged since 1985 while the standard of living elsewhere in the world has risen – in many places significantly.

If Ryan and McConnell have proven anything it’s that their campaign promises are worthless.  Their commitment is not to you.  If they were honest they would tell you that in the same way that Democrats do. 

Imagine that, Republican leadership is more detestable than Democrats.  And, we expect them to help Trump make America great again?  That’s the definition of insanity.

By declaring themselves enemies of Trump on these key economic issues they have declared themselves our enemy as well.