Finally a Break in the Wall of Injustice at the FBI… Indications Point to Flynn Exoneration This Week

Yesterday Maria Bartiromo tweeted:

Bartiromo is as well informed about the Spygate issues and the entrapment schemes employed in their furtherance, as anyone.

This morning Bartiromo hosted Representative Doug Collins (R-GA), who is equally as informed about the motives and schemes at the FBI and DOJ, to discuss what was behind her tweet…

“… Michael Flynn’s meeting at the White House with the FBI was a complete setup… He never lied… it’s all in Mr. Bakers notes, that’s the exculpatory evidence.”

Baker is former FBI chief legal counsel James Baker who took notes of agent Peter Strzok and agent Joseph Pientka’s interview of President Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Flynn’s attorney is Sidney Powell, someone who, as a former federal prosecutor saw firsthand the DOJ and FBI lawlessness.  She wrote a book about it titled Licensed to Lie: