Feminist Hypocrisy: Ugly Women Doing Ugly Things

ELDER PATRIOT – Isabel Vincent used her column in the New York Post today to try to discredit Melania Trump.  The Post decided it would help to sell a few extra papers by elevating Vincent’s column to the front page.


In the article Vincent recounts a photo shoot Melania Knauss posed for when she was 25 years old.  It is accompanied by three photos of Melania posing while she is virtually completely nude.

This is the hypocrisy that ugly feminists always resort to when they’ve lost the debate.  Neither Vincent nor the Post give a damn about what Melania Knauss did 20 years ago.  They do, however, give a damn about damaging Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

On that score they will suffer an epic fail, instead they have conferred victimhood on Melania.  The left has lowered the standards of acceptable behavior to the point that the only reaction most people will have is, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”  Or, “what a lucky guy Donald Trump is.”

This kind of journalistic salaciousness is as old as the Republic itself.  The wife of our second president John Adams had come under such negative scrutiny that she wrote in a return letter to her friend Mercy Otis Warren’s letter congratulating her on becoming the First Lady, “I expect to be vilified and abused”.

Isabel Vincent’s bio claims she is an investigative journalist.  If this is the best she can do at a time when the Clinton Foundation is under investigation, Hillary’s email scandal is growing, the Global Warming fraud is being adopted into legislation, Bernie Sanders voters were defrauded and disenfranchised, and 10,000 other more important subjects are in need of investigation, then the Post should ask for their money back and fire her.