ELDER PATRIOT – Yesterday we explained the reason behind the mainstream media’s demonization of Cambridge Analytica for doing the same data mining – though to a far lesser degree – that they had previously praised the Obama campaign for doing during his 2008 and 2012 election victories.

The mainstream media was scrambling to explain Facebook’s precipitous dive in value and settled on a breaking story that Cambridge Analytica, a company associated with Donald Trump’s campaign, had illegally minAed the personal information of 50 million Facebook users.

The fact is Facebook had permitted Democrat data miners to access the personal information of every one of the platform’s users – not 50 million but 300 million.

The smart money knows that this means big trouble for the social media powerhouse.  Facebook is facing whopping financial penalties for choosing sides in at least the past two presidential elections – and perhaps the 2008 election as well – and not reporting their in kind contributions to every Democratic candidate who was given access to that massive database.

Carol Davidsen, Team Obama’s Director for Media Analytics for his 2012 re-election campaign acknowledged that Facebook had provided the access to their entire platform “because they were on our [the Dems] side.”

Davidsen also confirmed the entirety of the breach while Facebook deliberately looked the other way:

It’s no secret to institutional investors that Facebook is facing lawsuits for using algorithms and AI to shut down traffic to conservative publishers.  One law firm we interviewed told us the case for conservative publishers might be bigger than the massive tobacco settlement of 1998.

That holds the bigger financial penalty than any PI breach, or non-breach, committed by Cambridge Analytica.

But the granddaddy of all penalties will accompany the Feds probe into the manner in which the company decided to ignore campaign finance law. 

We raised this question yesterday:

How do you sufficiently punish a company that purposely shared the personal information of its users in order to deliberately create a permanent structural distortion between America’s two major political parties?

This also raises new questions about the murder of Seth Rich who is believed to have had access to the massive database of American’s personal information resident on the DNC servers.  Was he preparing to turn Edward Snowden?  Initial reports had him scheduled to meet with the FBI in the morning, just hours after his death.

It also re-raises suspicions of why the FBI was denied access to the “hacked” DNC servers. And, why didn’t James Comey insist that his department conduct a proper forensic investigation?

All of this had shares of Facebook plummeting as much as8% on Monday and another 3.5% on Tuesday.

There’s also the question as to why has Mark Zuckerberg begun liquidating his holdings in the company that he is credited with founding if the only problems facing the company is Cambridge Analytica?  Wouldn’t CA ultimately be held responsible for violating its agreement with Facebook?

And, who is buying Zuckerberg’s huge tranche of stock?  Let’s hope its not China.  They already have become a massive threat to our nation’s security under the guise of ordinary business transactions.

There’s enough here to keep DOJ investigators busy for a while.