FBI Widens Clinton Investigation to Include Terry McAuliffe and the Clinton Foundation

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton would like you to think it was a foolish mistake when she made the decision to use a private email server for official State Department correspondence.  It will be the mistake that ends her presidential aspirations.

By now, anyone who has been paying attention knows that she violated the Espionage Act when she exposed secret government information using unsecure and illegal transmissions.

That would be bad enough for someone seeking the highest office in the land but, once the use of that the private server has been discovered, the FBI was able to subpoena it.  And, once given access to the server they were able to reconstruct all of the communications that she had scrubbed from it. That is where the extent of her illegal activities grew exponentially.

Extensive proof is mounting that she used her position as Secretary of State to peddle influence to foreign countries and to well-positioned individuals in exchange for donations to the Clinton Global Initiative.  With $2 billion in assets, the CGI has functioned more like the Clinton’s personal slush fund than the charity it’s supposed to be.

U.S. officials who have been briefed on the FBI’s investigation admitted that the probe has been expanded to include Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

The FBI has begun by focusing on McAuliffe’s stint on the Clinton Global Initiative’s board.  Of particular interest is his relationship with Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang who donated $2 million dollars to the Foundation and another $120,000 directly to McAuliffe.

Wang Wenliang is a member of China’s National People’s Congress.  This raises the possibility of illegal contributions being made by foreign governments for the purpose of influencing an electoral outcome or buying future policy favors.

This is not the first time the Clintons have skirted the laws by accepting money from Chinese interests.  Yah-Lin “Charlie” Trie was the most publicized co-conspirator with the Clintons.  His donations, written through a series of aliases, to Clinton’s legal defense fund totaled more than $450,000.  He received a three-year prison term.  The Clinton’s kept almost all of the money having returned just $70,000. 

As for McAuliffe, he has long been recognized as a Clinton “bag man.”  Look for the FBI probe to continue to broaden as the breadth and scope of the Clinton’s illegal activities are slowly exposed.  The possibility is increasing that the probe will implicate so many prominent political figures both here and abroad that it may be politically impossible to make all of the findings public. 

With Mrs. Clinton already trailing Donald Trump in the polls she cannot afford even a hint of another scandal in her quest for the presidency.  The FBI investigation into her emails is going to continue to expand until she is brought down by her own greed and stupidity.

Somewhere Richard Nixon is having a good chuckle.