The FBI: It’s Past Time to Clean House at the Politicized Dung Heap

Elder Patriot – Unless the FBI’s mission is to protect the political elite from prosecution, the FBI is a miserably failed institution.  It shouldn’t have taken the election of a disruptive outsider to find this out but it did.

It’s simply unfathomable that anybody can make the claim with a straight face that any contact with Russia, a global nuclear power with vast military influence that extends well beyond its borders, sufficiently proves charges of collusion with Vladimir Putin.  What are the foreign policy responsibilities of a president if not to engage governments – friendly and hostile – on multiple fronts to seek mutual agreement on as many issues as possible?

The same man, Robert Mueller, who is desperately trying to make the case for collusion against President Trump and his associates served as director of the FBI when the entire Obama administration signed off on the sale of control of 20% of America’s uranium to Vladimir Putin. 

If selling a necessary component of nuclear weapons isn’t grounds for collusion then what is? 

Mueller not only remained silent while this treasonous sale was taking place he deliberately buried evidence of Russia’s bribery, extortion, kickbacks and money laundering prior to the approval that had become known to him through the efforts of a patriotic undercover informant who was on Mueller’s payroll.

As far as we know so far, the biggest beneficiary, other than the Russians, to date was Hillary Clinton whose foundation received $145 million in donations from the involved parties including Russian businessmen.  That’s $145 million from men who have no history of charitable giving and who come from a region and culture where there is little to no charitable giving.

So how did Mueller become the special counsel investigating everything but his participation in the real Russian collusion scandal? 

Mueller’s compromised principles as the FBI director, his role in hiding the real collusion, and his acceptance of the special counsel role despite his obvious conflicts is the act of one man, albeit a man increasingly desperate to keep hidden his corruption of the agency he headed.

Alone, that would be reason to investigate and prosecute Mueller for his illegal and treasonous dereliction of his duties.  But, the subsequent actions of those who succeeded him and of those who had worked alongside him and had intimate knowledge of Mueller’s participation in the Uranium One payoff makes the case for burning the agency down.

James Comey followed Robert Mueller as FBI director where he continued the charade and protected both Mueller and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as well as Barack Obama, and his Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Everyone from the Obama administration that was involved in approving the sale had intimate knowledge of the Russians attempts to corner the world’s uranium market through any means necessary including the bribery, extortion, kickbacks and money laundering that Mueller had revealed to them prior to their signing off on the deal.

Comey made the political calculation that guaranteed his job security rather than to honor his oath of office.

Rod Rosenstein was the U.S. Attorney heading the investigation into Russia’s illegal activities prior to the approval of the Uranium One deal.  He was intimately involved in the handling of the confidential informant.  He remained silent, as well.

That’s the same Rod Rosenstein who in now the FBI’s deputy director and the man who appointed Robert Mueller to lead the investigation into Russian collusion.

There’s no saving this agency as it’s currently constructed.  The web of corrupt men at the very highest levels of the FBI demands a complete cleansing.  There remain patriotic agents who are ready to tell the truth but the mechanisms that remain in place will not permit them to come forward.

This travesty of justice has remained hidden by a procession of corrupt men for nearly decade and had Hillary Clinton become president they would’ve covered for more of her illegal plundering of America’s assets. 

There is no evidence to suggest that things would’ve changed.  Even until this very day they cling to their lies.

It’s time to end the FBI and consider ways to rebuild it with safeguards so that it can never be corrupted in this manner again.