FBI Investigating “Gang-Like” Activity in Liberal Stronghold, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office As Predictable Breakdown of Civil Society Continues

(Los Angeles Times) The FBI is investigating a secret society of tattooed deputies in East Los Angeles as well as similar gang-like groups elsewhere within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, multiple people familiar with the inquiry said.

The federal probe follows allegations of beatings and harassment by members of the Banditos, a group of deputies assigned to the Sheriff’s Department’s East L.A. station who brand themselves with matching tattoos of a skeleton outfitted with a sombrero, bandolier and pistol. The clique’s members are accused by other deputies of using gang-like tactics to recruit young Latino deputies into their fold and retaliating against those who rebuff them.

Elder Patriot – As expected the liberal news report failed to report that there’s far more gang activity within the ranks of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department than a single gang.  

The investigation was triggered by allegations of abuse by the Banditos in March but other gangs including the Lynwood Vikings, the 3000 Boys, the Jump-Out Boys, the Spartans, the Regulators, and the Grim Reapers also exist within the roughly 10,000 member department. 

One courageous individual created a video explaining the ever-growing threat to the people of L.A.

“A federal judge found that there was a gang called the Lynwood Vikings and that the members all had Viking tattoos on them.  And, if they shot somebody, they got to have 9-9-8 tattooed in the Viking.”

9-9-8 is police scanner code for officer-involved shooting.

The Jump-Out Boys also allow modifying their tattoos after a shooting.

These gangs award credits for breaking the bones of suspects or for planting evidence to get a conviction.

Charges of Aryan and neo-Nazi overtones have also been leveled against these groups.  

A federal judge called the Lynwood Vikings, a “neo-Nazi, white supremacist gang” that had engaged in racially motivated hostility. The county had to pay $9 million in fines and training costs in 1996 to settle claims.

In 2017, ABC7 reported that former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca was sentenced to three years in prison for obstructing an FBI investigation into abuses at the jails he ran:

At a news conference, Sandra Brown, acting U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, said the “punishment follows a trial where a jury found him guilty of leading a conspiracy, obstructing a federal civil-rights investigation into the jails and lying to federal officers.”

In 2011, Georgia Sand writing for CopBlock.org made the comparison between police gangs and street gangs abundantly clear:

Mostly, this comparison is based on the fact that police, like gangs claim ultimate dominion over a particular territory. They stake out these particular territories, and demand “protection money” for reasons mostly out of the control of local residents. If their demands are not met, they resort to violence.

They swear an oath of  loyalty to each other, and will cover up for each other’s gruesome crimes at the expense of good sense and morality. Officers have purposely failed to take reports, covered up evidence, and even turned a blind eye to sexual battery and torture by their fellow gang-members (see here). Those who do not abide by the code of loyalty are ostracized or otherwise punished (see examples here and here). They even have a gang color – blue.

All of this was predictable as liberal policies took root without any counterbalance.  The greater the rejection of long-standing societal norms the more tribal people become in their quest to be accepted and their search for protection.