FBI: Clinton Investigation “Worse Than Anyone Thinks”

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton has resorted to scorched earth policy in order to steal the presidency of the United States and gain control of the U.S. Treasury.  She has seized control of virtually every one of our governing institutions through the cooption, coercion, bribery, extortion, and threat of physical harm to the heads of these departments.

But, Mrs. Clinton has no control over the patriotic FBI agents assigned to investigate her.  And fortunately they refused to stand down when ordered to by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey.  Instead, they’ve continued to conduct separate investigations into both her breach of national security and the pay-to-play scheme she ran while Secretary of State using the Clinton Foundation to launder the millions of dollars that RICO operation netted.

The discovery of 650,000 previously undisclosed emails on the laptop belonging to her most trusted aide’s husband has provided a treasure trove of new links that has allowed agents to connect all of the dots necessary to move forward for an indictment.

While it would have been preferable if the agents had been able to conduct a single unified investigation they worked the channels that had not been closed to them by Obama’s corrupted Department of Justice.

What the agents have learned is so damning of Mrs. Clinton and those around her that it has led multiple FBI agents to “leak” that they are 99% sure Mrs. Clinton’s illegal server was hacked by at least 5 foreign intelligence agencies hostile to the United States, including Russia, China and Iran.

Multiple agents have also confirmed that they have enough evidence to seek multiple indictments against the Clintons and a significant number of their minions charging them with numerous violations of the federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO.)

These brave agents are now being accused of violating laws restricting them from political activism at times close to an election.  This can only be characterized as more obfuscation by Mrs. Clinton and those she controls in government including President Obama.

The evidence agents have uncovered is so disqualifying of Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy that the agents concluded they could not remain silent.  They have decided that whatever the consequences of their actions may be personally, the public must know the risk they will be taking if they vote to give the keys to the federal treasury to Mrs. Clinton.

There’s another important component to the agents’ willingness to insert them selves into this election at such a late date – Donald Trump.

The agents have thoroughly vetted Trump and believe he is sincere in “draining the swamp” in Washington, D.C.  It is almost a certainty that they would have remained silent had the Republican running against Mrs. Clinton been any one of the other sixteen candidates who originally threw their hats in the ring last year.

These FBI agents have put themselves at significant risk by doing this.  If Hillary Clinton becomes the president she will assuredly conduct a purge of the FBI like has never before happened.

The agents know this but they are committed to rooting out corruption no matter where they find it and that includes corruption in every level of our government.  In fact, to these dedicated investigators government corruption is the vilest form of corruption.

The recent revelations about Mrs. Clinton should disqualify her from running for any office let alone our highest office. 

Donald Trump was the lone person to stand up to the entire corrupted establishment from the very beginning of his campaign.  His campaign has been based on holding every member of the political establishment from both parties accountable for the first time in modern electoral history. 

Trump has given us an opportunity to put an end to the culture of corruption that has effectively destroyed the once great economic engine of the United States in favor of the personal enrichment of a handful of elites.

It is indicative of the corruption of our legal system that these FBI agents can be prosecuted for providing information that every voter has a right to know before going to the polls.  Such violation of constitutionally protected free speech is nothing more than another way to silence whistleblowers and to protect establishment politicians.

Remember, Mrs. Clinton could have avoided all of this had she never broke federal espionage laws by using a private email server.  Even after she had made that “mistake,” she could’ve ordered the release of all of the emails immediately upon the discovery of the illegal server.  She didn’t and instead obfuscated for more than a year while first claiming that no server existed, then erasing and finally scrubbing that server of 33,000 emails.

It’s time to drain the swamp and Donald Trump is the only candidate who has been willing to commit himself to doing that.