Fake News? Does the Mainstream Media Really Want to Go There?

ELDER PATRIOT – The Globalist movement has been exposed and as a result it is crashing and burning.  Instead of reassessing their policies that have left ten of millions of Americans worse off economically and hundreds of thousands dead and injured worldwide they are now determined to shut down Internet websites that question their “official” narrative.

Political operatives are appearing across the broad spectrum of the mainstream corporate media – now better described as the Alt-Left Fascist Media – calling for Facebook, Google, Twitter, et al to rid their sites of fake news.  They want to convince what’s left of their movement that these “fake” news sites were the reason that the Globalist’ effort to install Hillary Clinton as their movement’s new leader failed.

They base this on the premise that the majority of voters were too stupid to discern the difference between real news and fake news when making their decision on whom to vote for.

Their argument contends that only “news” sources that have official approval are to be trusted.  These are the same sources that convinced Americans that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction as justification for going to war.  And, they are the same “news” sources that a little over a decade later told us to accept Obama’s plan for a nuclearized Iran.  Huh?

These are the same “news” sources that told us “if you like your doctor you could keep your doctor” and who repeated the administration’s lie that the average American family would see a reduction of $2,500 in their annual premiums.

Less than two weeks ago the Alt-Left Fascist Media told us that they were 98.1% certain that Hillary Clinton would be our next president. 

These “official” news providers have over the past eight years insisted that the economy was just fine while heralding lopsided trade deals and unfettered immigration as major contributors to the economy’s health even as we watched American jobs disappear to foreign countries and the twelve million jobs that were created filled by immigrants both legal and illegal.

The official news outlets dismissed the crimes of Hillary Clinton on the say so of Obama’s corrupted Department of Justice but openly and speciously questioned whether Donald Trump was connected with the KKK.

It was also widely reported by official news agencies that there was no chance that our elections would be rigged in any way even as Project Veritas presented video evidence of Clinton’s minions discussing their multi-million dollar budget to do precisely that.

We were also told by these same official sources that Edward Snowden was an enemy of the state.  While that was true there is no disputing that he was also the friend and protector of liberty.

The list is nearly endless but I believe these are enough to prove that no one can be the arbiter of free speech.

Now the discredited Washington Post reports that Mark Zuckerberg wants to eliminate “fake” news from his platform.  According to the WaPo Zuckerberg acknowledged:

“We’ve been working on this problem for a long time and we take this responsibility seriously. We’ve made significant progress, but there is more work to be done,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Friday night post on his own Facebook page. He then named seven approaches the company was considering to address the issue, including warning labels on false stories, easier user reporting methods and the integration of third-party verification.

This is not a new phenomenon but it still should scare everyone who values the truth and their ability to recognize it when they hear or read it. History tells us that control of the media is essential for tyrants to succeed.


Of course that couldn’t happen here.  Right?  Read on.


Tyranny comes in all forms and tyrants reside in every country including our own.  Isn’t that in fact the warning the Alt-Left Fascist Media has been sounding about our president-elect?  Clearly, no single source of information can be trusted to faithfully report all of the news correctly.

Frankly, the establishment’s fear that we the people cannot discern between real news and fake news is insulting to Americans and calls into question why they fear the graduates of the education bureaucracy that they built and control and who they forced to endure many months of pro-Clinton press by the $2 Trillion Alt-Left Fascist Media leading up to the election. 

Now they want to blame the results of the election on a few Internet videos?  That excuse failed following Benghazi.  Are we to conclude that is all that remains of their arsenal of deception?

The founder of this website wrote this response to Mr. Zuckerberg’s declaration that they are working on a solution – would that be a final solution? – to properly arbitrating what is the truth is and what isn’t:

“Scary stuff when you start talking about deciding what is true and what is not. Even putting it in the hands of users, there are people who troll all day on political pages they do not agree with, reporting things as spam and or ‘fake news.’   Worse yet, with all the talk of ‘fake news’ now people are reporting everything they disagree with as fake, without checking if it is fake or not. Vetted articles are being killed in newsfeed because of false reports by trolls and/or people too lazy to check the facts themselves. 

“Truth has always been reserved for those willing to do the research, that will never change.”

Our Founding Fathers recognized that no person or group of persons could be entrusted with determining the truth and were unabashed in guaranteeing the freedom of the press with our First Amendment that included this phrase “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”

The history of the world informed them and should warn us:

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”

Benjamin Franklin, Silence Dogood, The Busy-Body, and Early Writings