Fake News? My Ass We Are! We were right about Priebus 3 Weeks Into Trump’s Presidency

ELDER PATRIOT – Those who read this column with any regularity know we may be a lot of things but we’re not Fake News.  In fact, we consistently report true news months before the facts inconveniently force the MSM to abandon their false narratives.

To cover the sickening MSM propaganda machine, Google and Snopes have systematically labeled our websites “Fake News” and Facebook has limited our reach.  It’s not censorship but it might as well be.

I say bullsh*t to them all and you best too.  Our Second president John Adams warned us that. “Liberty cannot be preserved… without a general knowledge among the people.”  And, they are Fake News.

Take today’s resignation of President Trump’s Chief of Staff for example.  The MSM had been in hyper drive over the disarray at the Trump White House since the inauguration.  The MSM has reported Reince Priebus’ resignation as another example that the president has no idea how to run his political organization.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Trump wanted Priebus out and he’s out.  He was allowed to resign but make no mistake he was forced out by Trump’s newest hired gun, Anthony Scaramucci.

The fact is a major blame for the disruptions coming out of the White House over the first six months of Trump’s presidency were due to Reince Priebus working with the Deep State to undermine Trump and we reported exactly that more than five and half months ago.

Our sources outed Priebus as a disruptive mole only a couple of weeks after Trump’s inauguration.  Remember Trump had conducted a hostile takeover of Priebus’ party and Priebus was intent on discrediting Trump at every opportunity in order to return the party to its “rightful” management – and that  isn’t the hardworking people of America as Senate Republicans proved to us last night.

Having spent some time with Reince immediately after he was named RNC head, I felt comfortable reporting on February 11 – exactly three weeks into Trump’s presidency – that the Chief of Staff was indeed one of the leakers.

After naming Priebus as mole we wrote:

“These government careerists are committed to the globalist agenda and they view Trump as a mere impediment to those ends that is to be neutered as soon as possible and by whatever means available to them.  Think John Kennedy.”

Now with significant evidence finally surfacing that:

the Corporate-Globalist powers are growing ever more desperate to remove Trump by any means necessary to protect their multi-trillion scam.

If you want Fake News you’re not getting it here.  Try any MSM outlet, they’re overstocked and giving it away 24/7.  And screw Google and Facebook for putting up roadblocks that makes it more difficult for those of us trafficking in the truth to get it to you.  Snopes?  You gotta be kidding.  They call us Fake News.