Facebook Rogue Insider Confirms Strategy of Silencing President Trump’s Supporters in Effort to Bias 2020 Election Result

Elder Patriot| The strategy for the anti-Trump crowd heading into the 2020 election season has become as clear as the nose on your face.  Social media, the mainstream media, and House investigators will be working in unison to tilt the vote away from President Trump.

House investigators will supply an endless stream of unsubstantiated, unverifiable, but salacious innuendos for the mainstream media to use to smear President Trump in a 24/7 unending attack.

Social media will do their part by denying Trump supporters, or simply detractors of left-wing ideology, any significant distribution of their posts.

Last night Donald Trump Jr. discussed the left’s strategy to derail the Trump re-election effort with Tucker Carlson:

Trump Jr. focused on the one-way, systematic attack on free speech that results in reduced bandwidth, deboosting, or outright banishment of conservatives.

Tucker was specifically asking the younger Trump about how the alliance between the activist left and big business were working in concert to censor pro-Trump narratives on social media platforms.

Today, Project Veritas hammered that point with emphasis when they released a new report featuring a former Facebook employee confirming the social media giant’s deliberate “deboosting” of conservative pages without notification or recourse:

In many cases conservative pages have been deplatformed in their entirety and without the ability to appeal.  In the video, below, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe interviews the Facebook employee who was fired after meeting with him.

This is a video that every conservative must listen to as we enter the 2020 election cycle.  It is important that conservatives understand the the way these fascists will be operating between now and the next presidential election.

The three-pronged strategy becomes clear.

The casual voter will hear nothing but an endless stream of anti-Trump diatribe from the mainstream media fueled by endless Pelosi-led House investigations.  The veracity of the reports will not matter only the incessant repetition of salacious and over-hyped innuendo.

Absent any, or virtually any, factual reporting about Donald Trump’s incredible accomplishments on behalf of the American people his chances of being re-elected will be seriously diminished as causal and late-breaking voters will be influenced only by the abundance of the content they hear and read.

This is where social media censorship becomes the third leg of the Dems’ strategic plan.  It’s hardly a secret that the legion of Donald Trump supporters utilized Facebook and Twitter to propel him to the presidency in 2016.

In 2015 and 2016 Trump used Facebook (and Twitter) to speak directly to the American people thereby denying the mainstream media its traditional role of defining the candidates as per the approval of the UniParty.

Not so much anymore:

Trump only lost 45% of his engagement.  We have lost up to 95% of our Facebook reach.

Facebook and Twitter are determined not to allow that to happen again.

And now James O’Keefe has confirmation from a Facebook whistleblower

It’s almost as though Zuckerberg is working under the direction of the UniParty-China economic coalition to eliminate the Threat that Trump represents to their exfiltration of American wealth.