Facebook Caught Giving Data Access to Chinese Firm Flagged by U.S. Intelligence As National Security Threat

Elder Patriot – Shortly after the 2016 presidential election Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to Peru by Barack Obama where he was read the riot act by the deposed U.S. president.

The admonishment had nothing to do with Russia using Facebook’s platform to interfere with the election.  No serious analysis would lead to that conclusion.  Obama knew that Donald Trump had used social media to tap into the same visceral disgust with government to win the election that he had tapped into eight years earlier for his victory.

Obama also realized that if Trump were to fulfill his campaign promises the neatly structured world government that Obama and our compliant Congress came so close to finalizing would be destroyed – and their plans to concentrated all of the world’s wealth into the hands of only the elites would be eviscerated..

This Obama would not abide and he gave Zuckerberg his marching orders to shut down any approval of Trump or adoration on the platform.

Karin McQuillan writing for the American Thinker puts the Peru meeting in historical perspective:

“Until Obama’s intervention, Facebook corporate policy was rock solid.  Zuckerberg’s entire business model was that Facebook is a platform, not a content provider.  The company has always claimed they have no responsibility for content. The Jewish Press begged Zuckerberg to block Islamic Facebook pages teaching how to make ‘lone wolf’ knife attacks fatal.   Zuckerberg refused.  Not his problem.”

Immediately after their November 19th 2016 meeting in Lima Facebook began censoring pro-Trump and conservative websites under a number of premises including labeling them fake news or violating their terms of service for civility.  From that point forward engagement dropped precipitously for sites questioning the wisdom of the Globalists & their movement.

Even statistically-based news reporting could not get through Facebook’s censorship.  If it challenged the one-world movement, or the wisdom of legislation promoted by Washington’s Globalist OneParty, it was labeled Fake News and blocked from users news feeds.  In some cases, if the facts were irrefutable, Facebook’s algorithms were employed to diminish public views.

Our engagement is down over 95% despite the overall accuracy of our reporting.  Back on November 23, 2016, just days after Obama met with Zuckerberg, we were already witnessing the results of Facebook’s adherence to Chairman Hussein’s demands and filed this report.

According to the New York Times, in his effort to grow Facebook Mr. Zuckerberg “has cultivated relationships with China’s leaders, including President Xi Jinping. He has paid multiple visits to the country to meet its top Internet executives. He has made an effort to learn Mandarin.

Zuckerberg knows that to gain access for his social media network to China’s 1.1 billion people he’ll need to play by China’s rules.  That means accepting China’s Internet censorship rules.

In fact, the Times reports that “The social network has quietly developed software to suppress posts from appearing in people’s news feeds in specific geographic areas, according to three current and former Facebook employees, who asked for anonymity because the tool is confidential. The feature was created to help Facebook get into China, a market where the social network has been blocked, these people said.

By now we are all aware that Facebook has violated every American’s privacy rights, not just by accumulating everything about each of us but by storing and sharing it for profit.  When Congress rolled over like trained dogs we figured that was because Facebook was actually the front door for NSA data collection.

It now appears we weren’t wrong, we just hadn’t gotten our heads wrapped around the enormity of Facebook’s violation of Americans’ trust in furtherance of its treasonous alliances.  Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the acquiescence to China’s demands that we had surmised was going to happen in that November 23, 2016 article was, in fact, already a reality:

Facebook Gave Data Access to Chinese Firm Flagged by U.S. Intelligence

Read it for yourself.

Facebook has data-sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese electronics companies, including a manufacturing giant that has a close relationship with China’s government, the social media company said on Tuesday.

The agreements, which date to at least 2010, gave private access to some user data to Huawei, a telecommunications equipment company that has been flagged by American intelligence officials as a national security threat, as well as to Lenovo, Oppo and TCL.


Congressman and Senators are scrambling for cover but their reluctance to challenge Chairman Hussein on his America Last global trade agreements tell the real story.  And, the House and Senate’s participation in passing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 closes the loop on their alignment with Chairman Hussein’s New World Order.

The 2017 NDAA was signed into law just after Christmas 2016 when no one was paying attention.  We reported that it’s real purpose was to establish a Global Engagement Center that would serve as the government entity through which it would be determined what is fake news.

All this time you thought the Democrats and the Republicans actually presented a choice of who to vote for.  Silly you, almost all of them were members of Washington’s Globalist OneParty dressed up as moderates.

Thank God that America woke up on time to elect Donald Trump.  He’s our last best hope.