F.B.I. Stonewalling Retired Agent From Exposing Comey & McCabe Corruption to Protect Clinton

Elder Patriot – As former F.B.I. Director and current Special Counsel is conducting an extensive investigation into President Trump’s background trying to find something, anything to incriminate our president the question arises as to why, when he was the Agency’s director, did he spend twelve years ignoring the obvious crimes of the Clintons, Obama, and a large number of congressmen and senators.

Even when his successor, Jim Comey took charge of the Bureau and the crimes of Hillary Clinton became widely known there was not a single indictment of any of the lawbreakers. 

The fact is while the F.B.I. is staffed with dedicated investigators those that are promoted or appointed to the management of the Bureau are carefully selected for their dedication to protecting the D.C. swamp. 

Recently retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jeff Danik is now trying to expose the corruption that protected presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from prosecution but is having his FOIA request stonewalled.

Danik, who served the Bureau for 28 years as a supervisor in the counter-terrorism division and special overseas advisor, says if he was given five minutes with a computer he “could easily search the word strings and the records” himself and produce the evidence he was looking for.

Danik is sure the management of the F.B.I. is blocking his FOIA request in order to protect themselves and those who pushed and approved their appointments.

He told investigative journalist Sara Carter of Circa News:

“I think the records are very telling in the FBI. I was in the FBI a long time. If I was allowed to conduct the investigation into who knew what when regarding the Hillary Clinton email server, I could put that timeline together very quickly.

“There’s a huge electronic footprint now Sara in the FBI between text and email and instant messaging, the way that the documents are prepared in the official system. This is a large footprint that is left on an investigation and it can be quickly retrieved. You can tell very quickly the efficiency, the speed at which investigation was taken or not undertaken.

“I don’t know if they don’t want those records out because it pulls back the curtain and lets you see the framework of these investigations or maybe they are afraid of what it actually says and who it reflects on.”

Danik said of the current agents who are disgusted by what they know and that he consults with: 

“What I can say unequivocally is that nobody in the FBI … I would think to a single employee would stick up, back stop or condone what James Comey did.” 

The retired Special Agent dismissed that the corruption at the highest levels of the Agency was a result of its politicization but rather what motivates all criminals – money or the promise of it:

“It’s [politicization] allowed some of these anomalies that we see exist but by in large the executives are parlaying their positions for personal benefits after retirement to things like that. That they get better jobs and good jobs and that type of thing. That’s the systemic issue most people see.

“The politicalization of it is minor. Even though there are people with very very strong opinions on both side of the political aisle in the FBI, it really isn’t a problem. It’s just those are much more isolated.

“In this case with the deputy director [Andrew McCabe] and his involvement with his wife running for Virginia state senate and getting all this money from the Clinton friendship with the governor, that is an anomaly but it’s something that is a focus of my FOIA. What happened in that situation?”

Danik confirmed that the majority of the investigators familiar with the Clinton email scandal are convinced federal laws were broken:

“There’s a lot of cops, there’s a lot of agents out there that think people committed crimes, did things wrong, you don’t talk about it. You have to internalize that because it’s not fair to the person.

“Either you climb in the ring with your evidence and fight ’em out in court or you keep your mouth shut. It’s the same way with these email documents and these text documents. If they exist and if they’re incriminating or if they’re exculpatory let’s get ’em and let’s find that out. The only way to do that is litigate. It seems like in today’s society especially with the bureau, the only avenue you have is litigation.”

This is exactly why Danik is teaming up with Judicial Watch to try to extract the facts from the F.B.I.  And, it’s exactly why the F.B.I. is blocking his requests because there is no exculpatory evidence.

Danik says he gave up his position at the F.B.I. to pursue and reveal the truth about what happened with the Clinton email case for two reasons:  It has been an incredibly divisive issue and because “it reflects directly on confidence in the F.B.I.  If these investigations, that these important matters were done in such a prejudice manner, we need to get that out into the light of day and correct those issues in today’s FBI”.

Coupled with the fact that Mueller is conducting his witch-hunt in secrecy and House and Senate subcommittees forcing Trump acolytes to respond to public defamation in closed meeting, the F.B.I.’s obvious lack of transparency in hiding their deliberate mishandling of the Clinton email investigation has Americans becoming more and more distrustful of Washington establishmentarians. 

You’d think the growing populist tide that swept Donald Trump and Roy Moore would force the hand of congressional investigators.  The fact that a number of these establishmentarians are instead running for the exits suggests just how widespread the corruption is.

Leadership at the F.B.I., after all, only reflects the motivations of those who approved them.